How to seduce a guy.

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art of seduction has its origins even in mythology.In reality, how to seduce a guy they know not many.This is a difficult task to be executed that you have to constantly balance on the verge of vulgarity and bitchiness.Seduce and excite corny guy - are two different things.You need to learn how to make a man think of you, to dream, to seek a meeting, not just a pervert.You must be weak, sexy, sly and relaxed at the same time.Man can not be intrigued by one only outer beauty.The appeal must come from within.Attractive woman - is the one that knows his own price, but had never been called.Therefore, be careful in the pursuit of the answer to the question of how to seduce a guy to fall in his actions lower self-esteem.

seduce a man can be, of course, with well-groomed and neat appearance.Though they say that looks are not important, but that does not mean that you can put your hands down, stop to care for themselves and to think that your inner world and so will do the trick.Inner beauty should be in an attractive shell.Never leave the house without makeup.The implication is not overlaying cm layer of plaster, and a light, elegant and sophisticated makeup.Be sure to check the condition of the feet and hands.Have a pedicure and manicure is an important part seductive female image for many men.Spirits also need to use, keeping the measure.Clothing should be thought out to the smallest detail, stylish and catchy.

If you do not know how to seduce a guy, be sexy.This does not mean vulgar and cheeky.Just open some part of your body can be within reasonable limits.Ultra mini and neckline of her blouse to the navel does not attract and repel only give the impression that you are easy to access.And men do not like easy prey.Much better would be to wear a skirt to the knee, but the high cut along the leg.Always Emphasize sexual details of their way with the help of gestures.Sexuality also is not just about style and quality clothes, but also in the behavior of women.It is important that men looking at you, create a sense of softness, strength, movements and some streamlining blandness your manners.Do not shy away from guys like lepers.Always be ready to spontaneous acquaintance or even flirtation.

To get the answer to the question, how to seduce a guy, just to be feminine.No need to wear a man's haircut, even if it's now very fashionable.Almost all the men said that women should still be like a woman, you have to wear skirts, dresses, have long hair, and appropriate behavior.This means that if you want to learn how to seduce women, then you have to forget about the pants, baggy clothes, a dirty word, and most importantly of beverages such as beer and vodka.Laying his collar, like a real man, you will be of interest only companions.

You have to be fulfilled sense of self-love, self-esteem, value themselves and their freedom.But everything is good in moderation.You have to be careful not to become a haughty lady, who besides yourself no one else notices.

you want to seduce a man - flirting.Modest touch, mysterious smile, deep eyes, playful winks and more men make life much brighter.They like women who can and know how to play with them.The main thing is not to go too far.Languid brittle coquette does not cause anything but irritation.

Modern emancipated women believe that could well make the first move.Be smarter, just make sure that it is men who wanted to take the initiative.It is you that will never say, but it will be very grateful.