Educational ideas and biography Makarenko

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in 1888 in the small town of Kharkov province was born Anton Semenovich Makarenko.Biography of the man literally riddled humanity and constant creative search.The future well-known throughout the country, author and educator was born in the family of a painter at the railway workshops.Besides him, the family later appeared sister and brother.Last subsequently became a White Guard officer, so was forced to leave the country after the Bolshevik victory in the civil war.In fact, only through the memories of his famous early biography Makarenko.However, and this quite a bit.

biography Makarenko: youth

Being seventeen years old, the future teacher successfully completes the Kremenchug city college and began his teaching career.Since 1905 he works as a teacher in the same Kremenchug at railway school.Generally, Makarenko biography contains enough spaces.In particular, about his early years is not so well known in detail.In 1914, the teacher decides to continue their own education and into the Teachers' Institute in Poltava, who later successfully graduated in 1917.In the years 1920-1930, our hero gets a valuable teaching experience, leading the labor colony in Kharkiv, where juveniles prisoners.Biography Makarenko suggests that during this period he became widely known as a talented teacher and educator.After all, while working in Kharkiv colony was published the most famous product of his pen - "Pedagogical Poem".In 1935, he moved for a short period in Kiev.And in 1937 - to Moscow, where he devotes himself to the social, educational and literary activities.Here he receives the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.And in 1958, achieving great teacher recognized institution in the USSR medal of his name, which is awarded particularly distinguished teachers and other education workers.

Anton Semenovich Makarenko: pedagogical ideas

According to the thoughts of the great teacher, the purpose of any work on education of general public interest must be determined.An important aspect of this philosophy was the idea that the pedagogical tools or complex may not be permanent and applicable equally effective in all conditions.Anton Semenovich insisted on flexibility in the use of such techniques.Among other things, he emphasized that in the course of education through the pupil of each team in this group calls for a similar share of the attention of the head of the process.Key to successful education teacher saw a great motivation to show their best human qualities and inclinations.He often emphasized the importance of education, justifying it by the fact that otherwise the problems will inevitably arise within adult society.A re, as we know, is always difficult.The main method in the whole educational system, Makarenko was a method to his high standards, which literally means total self-control of their actions a teacher (or parents).He insisted that a simple, serious and sincere tone in relations between educator / parent and child to ensure the successful implementation of educational tasks.