How to disable the firewall

So your intention to disable firewall windows 7. Before you start to turn it off, you need to be aware of what you are doing and why, because the firewall invented for a reason, and it is for something needed.And you're going to cancel it.Just do not think that firewall and firewall - are two different things.It's the same thing, just developers from Microsoft called their firewall firewall.

The idea is that if the firewall is configured correctly, it will be great to protect your PC against various attacks from the outside or unauthorized access to the Internet by different programs.

There are special settings that allow you to configure your firewall to any program that wants to go on the Internet asks you for permission to do so.

It's pretty convenient.Such programs are vital in our time, as the internet, and many computers are teeming with viruses.If you have the ability to customize each program, when you try to get out of the virus into the network firewall will ask you if you want or not.Thus you will be able to timely detect unwanted software on your computer.

Firewall: how to disable and what

addition, you must understand, why do you need to disable the firewall.When installing another firewall or antivirus, which includes a similar application, you may have problems.Built-in firewall of Windows will clash with new, unfamiliar to him firewall.

To these problems was not, it is necessary to choose something one.Almost always left only Firewall , built-in antivirus.

If you decide to do the same, then you need to know how to disable the firewall.Next will be explained how to do it.Because if you do something wrong, or do not turn it off completely, the chance of any problems is great.

How to disable firewall: Step 1

First you need to find a place where we make the initial settings.This can be done in different ways.We will act quickly and optimally.

press on the keyboard "Windows" + R.For those who do not know what this button is «Windows» - it is between the keys "alt" and "ctrl".

As a result, you will have a window "Run".Enter to «shell: ControlPanelFolder».Next, you will open the various elements, which are in the control panel.The difference is that if you just open the "Control Panel", then all the menus / elements / tools are grouped, and to reach your destination, you must make a few clicks and know the desired category.And so, we propose the way everything is much easier.Will open once all the elements, and you will find in alphabetical order item "firewall."

Once open this menu item, we will see a list of connections that are currently running on your PC.Turning off the firewall for each of our network and maintain.

How to disable firewall: Step 2

Next, we need to disable the Firewall service itself.Call window "Run" and type «services.msc».

New from the list of services that exist in the operating system, select the "Firewall Windows».Click on the item twice.

In the window that opens, find the "General" tab.We are looking for there is a button that says "Stop".Click.Then, turning their attention to the "Startup Type".Here it is necessary to specify the meaning of "disabled."

Now you need to save.Click "OK" button and proceed to further adjustments.

How to disable firewall: Step 3

Call window "Run" and type «msconfig».Should open the menu "System Configuration".Open the tab "Services".The huge list of different services are firewall Windows.Remove the check mark next to that item.Click "save".

Next, you need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.Now you can safely install any other firewall or antivirus.

worth noting that if you ever want to turn the firewall back, everything should be done in reverse sequence, from step 3 to 1.