Target - what is it?

The modern world can not do without advanced advertising.It is everywhere, in the shops and cafes in teproektah and on the radio, at work and at home, and so on. D. And with the advent of the Internet advertising possibilities become almost limitless.Promotion of any product or service on the Web has become more effective, cheap and fast.But as the highlight of the entire mass of the user audience, which this product is really interesting?All this has been targeting.What is it and how does it work?What are the different types of advertising mechanism?

targeting - what is it?

Internet space - is a very promising platform for any kind of business.Even if he is not engaged in online sales.But in order for ads to be more effective, it must be focused.It uses different techniques and methods, which gives customers the ability to attract precisely those customers who are ready to buy goods.This is the purpose target.

Literally it stands for the English word target.Consequently, the target - setting functional targets.If we talk about business and advertising, it is a special mechanism that allows you to choose the target visitors of different sites that match your criteria.

targeting advertising minimizes the time and costs the advertiser, not by reducing the target audience.At the same time there is a huge number of methods and the types of mechanisms that allow to use this or that segment of the market.The advertiser chooses a specific form of targeting, or a combination of several elements.This makes it possible to reduce costs and diversify.

mechanism targeting

As every effective method of selection of the target audience has its own characteristics and mode of action.Conventionally, the process of targeting can be divided into several stages:

  • period of information gathering.There are mainly studied Searches Internet users.Keep track of their habits and tastes of what pages are most often what online shopping visit and what is interesting, what in general are engaged in the network, and so on. D.
  • analysis of the data.The longest and laborious step.It matched all available information and draw conclusions about the preferences, ways of communication, calculations, tastes and purchases.As a result of this review, the particular group of users, which is important and interesting concrete ads, t. E. Realized he targeted.What is this if not the selection of buyers?
  • Creating a personal publicity.After a certain segment of the audience, on the basis of the obtained data, developed an advertising message that is right for this segment.This takes into account all the features and user preferences.
  • placement of the advertising message.The information is placed solely on the resources where most visitors come to a particular group.It's different sites, blogs, magazine pages, sections of stores and television programs.

main target species

determine the future of the target audience in the Internet space, as well as in everyday life, in several ways.Therefore distinguish these types of targeting:

  • direct selection of specific sites, pages, and blogs that match the product you sell.
  • Thematic target or target of interest.Information messages posted on websites with relevant content.
  • time targeting.Here you can select a specific period, which corresponds to the best time to communicate with potential customers.
  • Socio-demographic targeting.Here are the main criteria for the selection of gender, income, age, position, and so on. D.
  • behavioral targeting geopovedenchesky or telepathic target.With cookie-files are tracked interests and preferences, movement and activities of specific individuals.
  • Psychological target.In the creation of advertising used by the personal characteristics of the users.
  • Geographic targeting - what is it?This mechanism, when an advertisement is displayed to users who reside in certain selected advertiser, area, city or country.

time targeting

When you select a target audience for a future campaign should also be carefully selected and time-to infomercial.After all, if your product is aimed at the middle age group, it will be pointless to display information about it in the first half of the weekday.At this point, people usually are at work.In addition, the need to take into account the work schedule of the store.

time targeting - is the selection of a suitable time of day for the realization of the advertising campaign.On this subject there is a lot of relevant studies.For example, ordering food over the Internet usually have a lunch period.If we talk about a variety of recreational activities such as cinema, clubs and restaurants, the peak falls on the time display from 14 to 20 hours.

more serious shopping, for example, various household appliances, account for an odd period: 11, 13, 15, 17 and so on.. In addition, travel packages and hot deals are usually browsing from 14 to 18 hours, auto parts - 10-12 hoursand sporting goods purchase at 16, 21 and 22 hours.

Knowing these statistical regularities can more effectively organize their own business.

Telepathic targeting

This is one of the newest and most promising areas of methods for determining the target audience.The basis is taken behavioral targeting, which allows to increase the accuracy of hitting advertising.

The essence of this method to study the preferences of Internet users.For example, if a person frequents online clothing stores, the program will draw the appropriate conclusions about his needs at the moment.It is widely used certain behavioral matrix.It was bred in the careful analysis of the specific members travel on the web.

behavioral method, or telepathic, targeting it is now used by many well-known companies.For example, Xerox has even created its own kind of search target, which gathers information without the user's knowledge.Also, this method is widely used corporate Yahoo, Bonprix, and even Microsoft.

Earnings "VKontakte"

Advertising in social networks has long become quite profitable and efficient business.This is due to a huge number of visitors who daily hours are online.In addition, all modern network sufficiently adapted to search for the target audience, the organization of trade and feedback, as well as the settlement system.

example, targeting "VKontakte" boasts of having up to 20 criteria for targeting advertising.Therefore, potential advertisers have a great opportunity to choose a user who will be sure to buy the products submitted.

Segmentation "VKontakte" is as follows:

  • Birthdays.
  • Geography.
  • Education.
  • Demographics.
  • interest.
  • devices.
  • Annex.
  • traveling.

Ad Settings "VKontakte"

system management and control in the network is quite simple and straightforward.Advertisements are interactive.In addition, the owner of the clip at any time can independently disable or that publicity.

for the effective advertising campaign can be followed online.For a more detailed analysis of the report used classroom, whereby the optimization work done.

In addition, you can use external services and to monitor the activity of certain communities and groups.It is programs such as JagaJam, MasterMind, Personal Monitor or SocialWatch.It is also possible to watch the newswire using Youscan and Brandspotter.All of them provide information, who, when and how many saw a particular advertisement.

main advantages of targeting of online advertising

Any company or firm - is first of all economic entities.That is why before implementing any project or mechanism calculated all the pros and cons of this decision.Talking about the targeting, the following its benefits for advertisers:

  • This method allows you to select only the audience, which will be really interested in buying a particular service or product.So no need to be sprayed and to spend extra time and effort.
  • to diversify costs by choosing the types of targeting.Here you can order a budget option or pay several versions.
  • ability to control target.What is it?This process is not only the choice of the specific form of targeting, and view statistics for each ad.