Maintenance of commercial refrigeration equipment

Commercial refrigeration equipment is indispensable technological support any enterprise trading and offering food.All food products in all its diversity has such distinctive features as small shelf life and high requirements to storage mode.That is why the trouble-free operation of the chiller is essential condition for the sale of food, ensuring conservation of the presentation and quality.

maintenance of commercial refrigeration equipment is of great importance in the course of its operation.As with any technique, assemblies intended for storage and demonstration of the potential buyers of food products require proper care.Timely service, replacement or restoration of the health of individual parts and assemblies of the unit, as well as support for the purity and accuracy when using can significantly extend the life of the chiller.In addition, the majority of models of cooling units require periodic defrosting, wiping and drying of separate units that must be in accordance with the requirements of technological regulations.

maintenance of refrigeration equipment should be assigned only to professional companies or individuals who have sufficient knowledge and skills as well as have all the necessary tools and materials.The best option is an organization of service contract with a service company that will provide continuous monitoring and technical inspection of equipment in a timely manner, ensuring the quality of work.

Conventionally, all after-sales service can be divided into two stages: warranty and post warranty.With regard to service under the warranty, ensure serviceable condition of equipment lies with the manufacturer.

maintenance and repair on the expiration of the warranty period falls on the owner of the equipment, forcing him to look for their own ways and methods of carrying out maintenance work.

In use refrigeration equipment trading enterprise staff can independently perform the sanitization, defrost and clean the units from the dust of the frozen ice or frost.Current models of refrigerators are equipped with automatic defrosting and drying work surfaces.At the same time, many aspects of the operation of the unit requires specialized approach.Thus, more appropriate would be to teach the finer points of the staff caring for technology, and more complex work associated with the refrigerant charge adjustment work as well as repair and replacement of parts, rely on the proven customer service.

maintenance of commercial refrigeration equipment may include both planned technical inspection, diagnostics and troubleshooting.During the inspection pay attention to the condition and operation of the electrical parts, condensing installations, Air-evaporator unit.Furthermore, in the order they are checked working volume of the machine, as well as communication nodes and connections for sealing and heat dissipation.A separate block is followed by maintenance work related to the setup and programming of process control instrumentation.