How to choose a steel tubular radiators .Tubular radiators Russian production

Even in the most beautiful and modern home difficult to carry out, if it's cold, it deprives him of every kind of comfort.Therefore, one of the first questions to be solved at the stage of construction, is the problem of heating.In private homes usually used stand-alone system.With the high cost of mounting such a solution compensate for any costs due to the possibility to regulate the temperature in the room, taking into account their needs.The owner does not pay for losses, which are available in a centralized system.

Current conditions

Besides boilers in heating systems use batteries that are designed to transfer heat from the media room.That quality has a direct impact on the efficiency with which the whole system will work.Modern tubular radiators on the market, distinguished not only for its attractive appearance, but also their ability to use non-traditional way.They belong to the category of premium products that meet modern requirements.Compared with other types of tubular radiators, whose price starts at 3,500 rubles per section, possess a whole set of advantages.They appeared in 1930.The founder was Robert Zehnder, making them similar to the cooling system of the engine of the motorcycle.

Features tubular radiators

This type of heaters has a certain species.The most popular on the Russian market got a steel tubular radiators, because the metal has excellent technical properties.Their design is usually quite simple, but it looks very stylish.They are ordinary, but quite attractive texture allows the use of such solutions in residential and office buildings.

Steel tubular radiators are not folding design, which consists of vertical tubes.Connect them together the upper and lower reservoirs to provide a very effective system of circulation of the coolant.The level of heat is directly dependent on the size of the battery and the number of tubes in the series, as well as their cross-section.There are general parameters of steel panels: height 30-300 cm, depth 22.5 cm, 1-6 in a series of tubes.Tubular radiators Russian production are characterized by a wall thickness of 2 mm and a diameter of 25 mm pipes and imported counterparts - 1.5 mm and a different diameter, respectively.Thus domestic products operates at a pressure of 22.5 atmospheres, while foreign - not more than 15 atm.

advantages and disadvantages

Like any other products, tubular radiators are characterized by certain advantages.The design makes them highly resistant to changes in pressure, and a sharp cut-off of heat does not zavozdushennosti system.On such products usually does not accumulate dust, it slowly comes down the smooth walls.Ability to perform the design of any shape and size, as well as the absence of ribbing makes them very popular solution.The walls of steel pipe radiators are very smooth on the outside and inside, making the entire product very attractive to the eye.Water leakage is completely eliminated by the highest quality of welded joints.The most recognized high-quality products in which these works were carried out by a laser.

Steel tubular radiators, the prices of which are varied and start, as has been said, from 3500 rubles, and have certain disadvantages, which also need to know.The index of heat transfer in this species is not the highest.Exposure to corrosion does not allow installing steel tubular radiators in the apartments, as the quality of the coolant in the central heating system is at a very low level.In private houses can be used antifreeze, which significantly improves the situation.The high cost also relates to the shortcomings, but it covers the possibility to use such a solution is not less than 25 years.

Where better to use tubular radiators

Often they are placed in medical institutions, which is associated with good hygienic properties.They mene traumatic, as characterized by smooth curves and the absence of corners, they do not accumulate dust, the degree of wear resistance is significantly higher than conventional radiators.

in private homes such batteries fit perfectly into any interior.They respond well to control commands and quickly take the temperature.Convection heating facilities provides better heat distribution.All these qualities have a tubular radiators.Reviews say that this is an excellent option for homes that owners tend to do not only cozy and warm, but stylish.

what the market offers?

At the moment there is a huge variety of design solutions in this area.Conventional heat sink sometimes is a whole work of art that can be the pride of the owners.Convection batteries have double walls to significantly increase the degree of heat.It will be an indispensable tool and a beautiful piece of furniture for large living rooms, where the winter evenings the whole family.

Given the fact that at the moment the choice of companies and models is quite diverse, the right thing will become tubular radiators produced in Russia, as the products are carried out taking into account the peculiarities of the local water pressure drops in the network, as well as other factors.Domestic companies are able to produce not only quality, but also stylish products of any configuration.For example, where the tubular radiators are manufactured?Kimry - a city in which there is a thermal plant equipment.Directly to the company you can order a product characterized by the necessary parameters.

Subtleties choice of batteries

Depending on all sorts of factors, tubular radiators can have different settings, as mentioned earlier.The wide variation in the height allows you to choose the product for each individual dwelling on the individual wishes of the owners.This takes into account the area of ​​the room and its design features.Section of the pipe in the radiator - is another important factor.This may be circular, oval or square cross section, are quite popular with a triangular pattern.It is important to understand that this option has a negligible effect on the thermal conductivity.The most important factor is the diameter of the tube, because it determines the amount of coolant flowing through it.

There are also original solutions.It can be applied on the battery patterns and their unusual shape as the rails, pillars, partitions, seating and other interior solutions.

What made tubular radiators?

In most cases, the material used is high quality durable steel.This choice is based on its features.Steel has a high strength, durability and reliability, as well as their dependability in all situations.The wall thickness of steel panels can be quite small, which reduces the cost of equipment, making it publicly available.Radiators vertical pipe can be copper, but they are designed for low pressure environment.

Features production

In most cases, high-quality modern heating appliances are made with the use of innovative technologies.As already mentioned, possess high quality products produced by laser welding.This allows you to achieve the highest degree of strength and eliminates residues inside the pipe metal.Laser welding makes it possible to obtain a smooth profile, which eliminated a variety of additional elements.Such technology would make the perfect appearance of the product, as well as make them original and beautiful.

Non-standard execution of tubular radiators

There are some unusual versions of these products.You can order a tubular radiators semicircular shape.This requires information about the number of sections and the outer radius of the circle and the connection type.Typically, the cost of such solutions is calculated as three times the normal price.The minimum number of sections is 12 pieces.

vertical tubular Radiators can be executed in the form of an angle which consists of several parts, connected directly at the installation site.The cost of these products consists of the price of the radiator, as well as special angles.

most unusual, but quite popular solution are tubular radiators, benches that have put together the practicality of use with traditional characteristics as a heat source.For their manufacturing is required to specify information about the height, depth and type of connection.Costing is produced in each case individually.