Communication between man and man: the importance, challenges and features

Every day people doing a lot of manipulation, which often does not reflect.In this article we will talk about is based on what is the fellowship of man with man, and what you may experience problems.


The first thing to understand the concept of "communication."Psychology gives the following designation of the term: it is a kind of specific interaction between people who are members of the society.It will be important and the following point: it is in communion implemented all social role of man.


It should be said that there are three aspects of communication, which are inextricably linked to each other:

  1. communicative.The goal - the exchange of information among people for its further use.
  2. Interactive.This kind of organization of interaction for productive communication.For example, sometimes a person needs to cheer up or set it on the right way.
  3. Perceptual.It is a special relationship at the level of inner peace between people who are in the process of communication.


What resources are used when there is a dialogue between man and man?At first glance, it is difficult to determine, but the psychology identified several important sub:

  1. Language - is a system of words, phrases, sentences, so we built man, in which the communication is based.
  2. Intonation.This expression, emotion, tone with which a person is talking.The mere intonation can change the meaning of the phrase.
  3. Mimicry.And look, posture, people can express a lot in communication and "say" about what has not been stated publicly.
  4. gestures.Designed to reinforce what has been said.They can be accepted or expressive.
  5. distance.It is also a very important element.Only one distance between the interlocutors can be concluded about their relationship.


considering the theme of "Communication between man and man" is also talk about what are the different types of communication:

  1. ¬ęContact mask" or a formal communication.In such a case the person does not understand the goals and feel the personality of the interlocutor.However, this kind of interaction is necessary to be able, if necessary, fenced off from the person with whom there is no desire to close contact, to hide the true emotions.
  2. primitive.In this case, communication between man and man is built only on the benefit: if you need someone to reach the goal, interact with it, if you do not need, contact immediately stops.Formally
  3. -role.It is necessary in order to achieve a social purpose.
  4. Business.In this embodiment, the source is treated as a person, however, the business goal is higher than personality differences in clarifying issues.
  5. Spiritual interpersonal communication.Inherent friends when comrade even without words and can understand the mood to do everything to change it in the right direction.
  6. Manipulative.There is only to achieve the benefits due to the other party.
  7. secular.This type of communication involves talking about what you need, and not about what you really want to talk.

would be interesting and the information that business and social communication have a certain code that people use it, it is necessary to comply.


It should be said that often a person has a problem communicating with people.Why is this happening, why?For example, psychologists have identified a number of points that will help to deal with this fact:

  1. inferiority complex.Most people consider themselves worse, stupid or just plain ugly, even the others, so try to keep communication to a minimum.
  2. superiority complex.The exact opposite of the previous item.In such a case, the person feels so much better than others, just can not find for themselves an equal interlocutor.
  3. too aggressively.In this case, often surrounding themselves refuse to communicate with the person because of his unbalanced character or too sharp statements and views.
  4. lack of experience.This point may seem funny, but not so simple.People who rarely communicate with others, often do not know how to do it correctly.

What to do?

What can a man do to change the situation and to learn to communicate, overcoming various communication problems?Psychologists have created a simple algorithm action, performing even some items of which can be fairly easy to deal with their problems:

  1. The first thing to recognize that the problem exists.And only after that you can start to do something.
  2. Objects helpers.If someone is afraid of contact with the people, the first outing for him - communication with nature (or objects).So, everything that happens in life, you can tell at first birch tree in the garden, teddy bear or a diary.However, this should not delay, all the better as soon as possible to move to the following advice.
  3. If you are still scared to chat "live", you can start with phone calls.Just dial any number and ask, for example, Petya.And then apologize, do not got there.However, do not tighten too much and with such a way of learning, it is better to move as soon as possible to communicate the real.
  4. main rule: you have to start as soon as possible to communicate with people.However, this does not mean that we should start a long conversation about politics or the automotive industry.Simply approach people on the street and ask "what time", "how to get to the library," and so on. D.
  5. And the seemingly strange advice: you need to read as much as possible.Against this background, to form an opinion about the read.And then share it first with relatives (where you can train your communication skills), then - with your friends, and then it will be easy to communicate with colleagues and classmates.

Specific categories

It is also true that each category of people requires a special type of communication.And it is worth remembering.For example, communication with the elderly should be based on the principles of respect and reverence for old age.It is important to learn, because older people often require a lot of attention and contacts.A special clause will be dealing with difficult people.However, these skills are likely to need those working in hospitals (in Vol. H. And psychiatric), prisons and so on.. In everyday life as difficult people often called friends and relatives, which is almost impossible to communicate because of their nature.In this case, the only rule - to be patient and take care of their emotional state at the time of communication with such persons.