Museum of optical illusions on the Arbat.

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Moscow on Arbat Street, on the Black Sea coast resort, you can see the unusual entertainment.Strange Museums (erotic art and death), rides here and there attract tourists, and get lost in the labyrinth of mirrors, ribbons, or, God forbid, in the maze of fear is not difficult.This gloomy list decided to dilute in Moscow Museum opens optical illusions.

How to find?

On its Web site creators orient future visitors, paving their path through the alley where the "Kebab House" and Theatre.Vakhtangov, not specifying the name of the theater.Those who wish to have fun, not to be mistaken the door and do not take psevdodver, painted on the wall for this.Strongly all fall into the Museum optical illusions on the Arbat, passing first illusory exhibit.Guests of the museum - is not only the audience, but also full participants pictures.Everyone will find something close to it, as the organizers have covered a wide range of topics.

Ames Room

Curator - artist Yanat Avot (a pseudonym) says that since his youth dreamed of translating into reality the well-known Ames Room, in fact an illusion - it is a passion of her life.This room stands apart and different from the other exhibits.Inside the two adjacent man turn into a dwarf and a giant.

Museum optical illusions on the Arbat consists of 3D-pictures.If you look to the naked eye, these figures are distorted proportions, but if you take them through the lens of the camera, they are bulky.It needs to stand on a particular area, which is indicated on the floor.On the walls are located photocomposition training to assist visitors in choosing the successful perspective.Therefore, following the museum optical illusions on the Arbat, you need to take with a camera.

Pictures Museum

Some images are very entertaining.For example, how do you picture on the spire of the Ostankino television tower?Flat view of Moscow depicted on the floor, but on the pictures it looks like the bulk.Many paintings are created for the adrenaline rush and tickle nerves: you can take pictures in a coffin, which is surrounded by monsters, train or in a car that is "bursting at the seams" and is falling apart.

Museum optical illusions on the Arbat is not only voluminous pictures.The creators have made a variety of entertaining tricks: visitors become part of the drawing, inserting the head in a plywood shield, climb the ladder into a huge shoe or posing against the backdrop of a giant phone.For greater effect in a coffin in one of the rooms is "breathable" Lenin.Many are frightened.

Museum optical illusions.Moscow (Arbat)

All this curiosity was created in record time: the first step in building the organizers before the opening of the museum was only one and a half month.Yanat Avot says that paint the walls of the museum artists come from all over Russia, they were working, jostling elbows.Now the same difficulties await visitors.They even fall into each other in the frame, as the images are close to each other - is in Moscow.Optical illusions Museum opens in St. Petersburg, there will already have counted this oversight.And yet even that close the building is the largest in the country, as similar institutions in Russia virtually none.While in St. Petersburg, there is a small analog of the museum, but there are only a few of stereo, says the curator.

Who goes to a museum

audience, coming to the museum of optical illusions (Moscow Arbat), is very diverse: foreign tourists, pensioners, but most of all young people.Young people taking pictures of each other on mobile phones and at the same time break off the thumb at the huge hand that is sticking out of the floor, sit down with your feet on a giant phone.According to the curator, in contrast to the illusory material objects can not tolerate contact with people.Some props are not available in a single copy had to be replaced from the depicted balloons real stretch rope on a tennis table waiting for a real racket.

optical illusions Museum (Moscow), customer reviews

Many visitors to exhibits a positive attitude, and then hear: "Class!"and "cool."Some say this is a great museum, even though a lot of people, but to each other no one bothers.However, another something still interferes, but not the public.The light is mounted so that the walls are constantly arising glare, so the photos come out not very successful.Some lament the light.

According to museum workers, provide better illumination is still impossible - cover that protects the image gives a lot of glare.Still, the creators found a way out and reduce glare, the light passing through the frosted glass.

But light is not the only claim sophisticated audience, some confuse themselves exhibits.They find them vulgar.

Museum is open until 23:30, so many of the exhibits, such as the revived vampire and breathable Lenin impress much stronger midnight visitors than a day, because in this case the main surprise.