When the International Children's Book Day?

Every mother from birth to the child instills a love of literature.Infants are not yet able to distinguish between words that tell their nurse, but able to respond to bright colors and illustrations.

reading the book begins with images, and in the future to help mothers learn the alphabet, and the kids are immersed in the history of fairy tales, as in the pool with his head.So it is with the children's literature originates knowledge of the world, its diversity and formation of the intelligence of the future adult.

Many writers working in this direction.In addition to the classic children's literature, there are many contemporary works, which are no less interesting for the younger audience.But how to keep abreast of the latest innovations?

answer is very simple - to mark International Children's Book Day.During the festival, the library organizes exhibitions and presentations of recent literature.But this is not all that remarkable this holiday.

Imprint 19th century

¬ęThe Ugly Duckling," "Emperor's New Clothes", "The Wild Swans" - the famous fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen.It was he who pushed the German writer Jelle Lepman raise the question of how to begin to celebrate the holiday called "International Children's Book Day."

since 1967. He was confined to awarding the Prize Hans Christian Andersen.

Canons stories

Let's talk about what a Children's Book Day.The history of the festival originates from the past centuries.In order to understand the origins, it is worth to look far into the past.

In the historical period of time the makings of a Children's Book Day originated more from the 15th century, when writers entered the elite of society and have an impact on the mass audience.In the first place - to young parents who have sought any means to add to the strict discipline a little something interesting and desirable.

At that time in England, just published the first books, and literature became popular.The first publisher in those years was William Kekston.With the help at the time of modern print media, he published "Aesop's Fables" in English, as well as animal epic "Romance of the Fox."

Closer to the 17th century became popular puritanical upbringing, and it comes down to reading the same Bible.

period of prosperity of children's literature

Holiday "Day of the children's book" would never have taken place if in the 19th century is not actively started to focus on the "free" education, which included not only the reading of the scriptures, but alsoreading stories that were instructive.

During this period, it should be noted brilliant writer Lewis Carroll, who was able to enter into the soul of the kids with their extraordinary stories.He wrote the book "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" (1865) and "Through the Looking-Glass" (1872).

were also popular children's adventure book, one of the brightest representatives of the genre was Robert Stevenson and his novel "Treasure Island" (1883), "Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" (1986), "Possessor of Ballantrae."

Oscar Wilde 20 years later published two collections of stories for boys: "The Happy Prince and Other Stories" (1888), "Garnet House" (1891).These books have been written for the most expensive people in his life - two sons.

His contribution to the genre of children's literature, of course, has made the Frenchman Jules Verne and his most beautiful novels - "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" (1870), "Around the World in 80 Days" (1872), "Captain at Fifteen" (1878)and others.

Soviet achievements

Since 1967, the International Day of children's books has opened up new opportunities for writers who want to bring his creation to the audience.Thanks to the award in honor of the Danish poet, in this festival, many writers and creative people put on display their own creations.The premium received is thus gives a good push in the creative career and causes a lot of trust from potential buyers.

In 1976 he was awarded the medal Tatyana Mavrinovoy illustrator, but she stood out not only for their achievements, our people became students of many distinguished nominations and their individual approach to child psychology.These people became Soviet pioneers who have enabled the next generation of its industry peers to advance in children's literature.

European Initiative

None International Children's Book Day does not pass without considerable investment, since without them the holiday can not take place.Every year, the sponsors of the event are representatives of IBBY.

European organizers of each year tend to bring something new, changing the subject and invite artists to create a new logo.

Day childhood dreams

The opening International Children's Book Day activities are very diverse, but the standard are those moments that have long been a tradition, namely, holding various exhibitions, performances, conferences, festivals, fairs, promotions, contests anda selection of the winner of the prize.Hans Christian Andersen.

also for the kids and parents show different scenes, worked as an animator, there is a pile of sweets that captivate kids and adults.

Every year, young writers try their hand in this literature are trying to comply with the new trends and previously conducted surveys to find out the preferences of the modern audience.Since most children are not able to accurately describe what they want, here are the chief judges of the product with their parents preferences.

International Children's Book Day 2015

plunge into the world of childhood and remember the carefree past will help this wonderful celebration that will move us in the moments of life that has long been forgotten or barely remembered.

April 2 - Day of children's books.All interested persons can visit the festivals in the city, which will present new items.In regional cities, the exhibition will present poets and writers, who will talk with everyone, talk about innovation than they are right for your child.

Since April, already warm, many activities take place in an open area that allows you to not only enjoy the festive activities, but is also a useful walk.Kids have the opportunity to have fun with characters from fairy tales and curious parents will be able to participate in promotions and contests.

note every talent

International Children's Book Day (2015) will also give the opportunity to young artists and illustrators to showcase their talents and put the work in public.On this day, at fairs and exhibitions will be held a special competition for these extraordinary kids.

boys and girls who, despite his young age, beginning to write their own poems or short works can contact the organizers of the contest in order to demonstrate their little creations.Of course, every child will be seen, and even if we do not win, you will receive an incentive and a nice prize.

For detailed information, please contact your city's cultural centers, and even in inclement weather knocks out the window light holiday childhood memories flooding back, and with renewed vigor, and worries go by the wayside.

Do not be afraid to dream, and life will be brighter!