Exercise pectoral muscles, back and press

Strength training - a great way to bring your body in good condition.They are shown for both men and women.If a man's body looks strong when the muscle is strongly depicted, the female - when they get a nice little relief.Strength training must include exercises for muscular system: chest press, back.

training chest muscles usually results in the tone of the entire shoulder girdle.This is due to the fact that in these exercises to activate not only the pectoral muscles, but also completely hands.A set of exercises for the chest involves the use of additional shells: dumbbells, barbells.Also on the pectoral muscles can be affected weights.But their use is possible only in conditions gym.If you exercise the pectoral muscles occurs in the home, the main assistants are still dumbbells.Weight dumbbells depends on trainee's physical fitness.Do not use just the big weight.Prepare the body of lightweight dumbbells.

Stand up, raise your hands at chest level, turning the palms to each other.On a breath dissolve hands with dumbbells in hand, moving parallel to the floor, and opening the chest.On the exhale, pinch your hands together again.Perform movements slowly.Do 15-20 repetitions.Take rest for 1 minute.It is necessary to do another 2-4 approach.This exercise can also be performed in the horizontal position.But in this case necessarily on special sports bench Smith.

universal exercise, suitable for both beginners and for people trained, is a push.Exercise pectoral muscles simply can not contain it.Squeezing a few possible variations: the emphasis on the floor socks - palms, knees - palm, palm on the bench - on the floor socks, socks on the bench - the palms on the floor.Also among the athletes used the same methods of push-ups, but with an emphasis on the one hand or fingers.

If you have the opportunity to engage in a sports club, it improves your workout.So here you will find all the necessary tools and consult coaches.

training back muscles should complement the breast pumping.As if the body is pumped unevenly, you get ugly figures.Include exercises for back should be in the same workout when you're working the chest muscles.Here you can also use the gym and work out the muscles with the help of their own efforts.For example, lie on your stomach, lower arms, legs stretch.On the floor at the same time breath raise your hands, body and legs.Keep a weight of 25 seconds.Exhale slowly sank to the floor.Be sure to make another 3 sets.Gradually increase the retention time poses to 5 minutes.

training abdominal muscles is also an important part of the power load.Abdominal exercises will help to further strengthen the muscle corset.Lie on your back, put his hands under the pelvis, legs, pull up.Inhale, slowly move the legs down to the floor, stop the movement at about 5 cm above the surface.Exhale and slowly start to raise your legs up.Do 10 repetitions.A little rest.Perform another 3 approach.

Sit down, his feet lift off the floor, bending slightly at the knees, his hands pull.On the inhale a little stray body back and slightly lower legs to the floor.Exhale again will group, pulling the legs and body closer together.Make 20-30 of springy movements.Put your feet on the floor and rest for 1 minute.Then do another 3 sets of this exercise.

The above exercise the pectoral muscles, the back and the press is suitable for someone who is just starting to train, trying to strengthen the muscle corset.But as soon as you feel that you can easily handle the same load, weight training.