The Communists - is Utopian, or people of the future?

Yes, we have to admit that the party has lost its fans, there were only sincere, those who believe that the future of universal equality.It turns out that the Communists - these are people who are not afraid to express their beliefs.Let's deal.

they believed the Communists?

This is a complex issue that is more concerned with the realities of our time than with human beliefs.In that great country, which no longer exists, they believe that it is possible to build a society which each member will provide the best conditions for development.The slogan was: "From each - according to his ability, to each - according to his needs."Unfortunately, this did not happen.Yes, and not created at all as there were at the helm of those who have only their needs and notice, and the people saw only possibilities.This was the time.Looking back on those events, we can conclude that the communists - is hypocrisy.It's a long exaggerated in the press, to haunt the minds of post-Soviet nation.That broke a strong country, and with it, its the only party.

Russian Communists

Now everything has changed.The Communists - a party that defends the rights of workers (the proletariat).The idea, along with the emergence of the capitalist system.It is based on a negative attitude towards the use of the labor of others for personal gain.The idea, unfortunately, is actual now.And no it is no substitute for democracy.The Party of Communists to the best of struggles that everyone was free to realize themselves, receiving all the necessary.It refers to how wealth and opportunity.I agree that there is something to fight!Only he was worth enough adherents of communism.Not yet invented a mechanism that can break the "golden calf" fully captured the imagination of mankind.But money is just the communists (the real), and do not fight.They - the people ideologically.Recruit only true adherents, seasoned, capable to give up benefits for justice.Such is sparsely.

what communism

little about the negative attitude towards it.It arose (better to say, artificially created) on the grounds that the tightly associated with the Soviet Union - a country the Devil for all "progressive humanity."But communism has not been in any state.This system, which is built, built, and so it did not happen.And the idea of ​​it very progressive: the harmonious development of every individual.This is exactly what Jesus has called.No wonder some of the ideologues of the West in recent years the Pope was accused of communist views saw at the heart of its activities hateful ideas.And he just performed the commandment of the Lord, calling on all neighbors to take care of, not to sin, not to offend, and so on.Representatives of large finance immediately worried, seeing even in the commandments of Christ communist ideas!

possible to build a welfare society

Attempts have been, but the promotion was stronger.As long as society is ruled by advertising and promotion, which destroys the individual's own view on how it should develop, build communism.This system will remain a utopia.He has only one chance to become a reality - to wait for the collapse of the "golden calf", which will make it impossible to return to the last seat.Then people will begin to think, and it is necessary to "select" the good, much better to receive them, not yielding to the fight, and creativity!