Watch Apple Watch - Reviews, Specifications, features

In parallel with the release of its new smartphone iPhone 6th generation Apple introduced a completely new product.Yes, we are talking about smart watches Watch, had time to make much noise a few months of its presence in the market.

For most users, this gadget is something new and unusual, because, as statistics show sales of other similar devices, customers are tempted not too clever clocks, bracelets and other similar products.Perhaps it is only a matter of habit, and after a few years clocks will be filled smartphone an essential attribute of our daily lives.An alternative view is that Apple has tried to launch a new product, creating an artificial buzz around him.

Whatever it was, in this article we will try to understand what constitutes this gadget.It will be available as a pro Watch Apple Watch customer reviews, and general technical characteristics of the device.And readers of the article thus will be able to determine the order in which they see the new Watch.

general concept of smart hours

begin with, has been implemented by this device.Traditionally, it represented for Apple Tim Cook - the head of the company - at a general conference.The device shown in action, listed its merits and stressed that Apple Watch clock enable buyers to show what can be a model of this class.

That is, in the words of a representative of Apple and really sound information on how the company intends to bring the smart watch to a new level of popularity, to make their selling and popular accessory in the lives of each gadget.This can be read understanding that previous attempts to release a similar device, which have made Samsung and other representatives of the electronics market, can be called not entirely successful.It really clever clock currently using are not too many people at the same time the brightest representative product in this segment is Apple Watch, the characteristics of which we present in this article.

So, obviously, the "apple" company seriously intends to restore the reputation of a smart watch in the eyes of the buyer and make this device a such a must-have.


Well, they get it or not, time will tell.In the meantime, to define what we are trying to "slip" under the guise of a revolutionary, high-tech product in a nice wrapper.We begin, of course, from the case, which is extremely important for any device.

First of all, we emphasize its water resistance.Watch Apple Watch (ratings prove it) are designed to prevent the ingress of moisture into the unit.This is normal, especially given the use of the device and its possible contact with water.Here, in general, there is nothing surprising - right when the clock makes protected from water.

addition, the device is made from different metals, depending on the model.For example, Apple Watch Sport (responses which go as the lightest gadget of the entire range of models) are made from aluminum.Due to this, the clock is not afraid of scratches and bumps;at the same time they are easy and look very stylish.

screen device

Watch Apple Watch (specifications we present, etc.) are equipped with a touch screen.It is sufficiently sensitive to touch, since not only responds to the touch, but also on the pressing force.This is very useful in some applications.

As the clock - a thing that should be protected from exposure to any factors it is not surprising that the screen is covered with protective glass of different types (depending on the model).It is a sapphire Sapphire Glass, or Ion-X Glass.It is, as you can imagine, are not susceptible to scratches and abrasions, why worry about the quality of its service life and is not necessary.

Since, as noted, the screen at Apple Watch (in Russia and around the world) is a touch, it has a special protection against accidental contact.It now goes to lock the display, which can be removed automatically when a person raises his hand sharply.Developers of this feature is implemented in order to be able to check the time without delay.

Another feature worth mentioning such as geolocation gadget (job cards).As you might guess, the person uncomfortable to view the map yourself using the touch screen.Therefore, Apple's presence provided a special wheel, with which you can zoom the map in a way that was visible to all the necessary information.

buckles and straps

Finally, we mention another feature of this watch.It concerns the strap and buckles Apple Watch.Reviews show that many people unreliable strap is a serious problem when wearing a watch.Apparently, Apple has also seriously embraced such a threat.Therefore, the fastener is manufactured from solid metal, it looks pretty impressive, and operates "in the top five."As for the strap, it is made of rubber or metal - depending on the model.Thus, firstly, it makes it possible to talk about the long life of hours of their high performance.Second, the band - is another way to personalize the device, making it unique.


way, do not forget about individualization.This is another strong point of the device Apple Watch.Reviews show that there are so many different models of this brand.They differ in color, design and features.In particular, if there are only three versions - just Watch, Clock and Apple Watch Sport Watch Edition, the colors (eventually) with them, there are several dozen.This is good because it allows you to choose a model that perfectly meets all your requirements.

More about greater diversity, Apple released two versions with different clock displays (we are talking about 38- and 42-millimeter screen).With this smart watch can appeal to more people.

Compare versions

To understand the main features of different models of watches, we describe briefly the differences between these models.So just Watch version has an aluminum body and a display of sapphire glass.It has several colors and types of straps.Another model - Watch Sport.This watch, as can be judged by their name, adapted for sports due to its light weight (weight reduced by 20 percent compared with the base version) and strength (the device screen is covered with another glass - brand Ion-X).Finally, the third version is the most luxurious of the above, and thereby allows you to position the smart watch as a "toy" for the wealthy.And it all is that they are made of yellow or pink gold and cost up to 27 thousand dollars for a copy.


You may ask: "What they are able to watch?What does Apple Watch? ┬╗The answer: it is - a universal electronic device that functions on the basis of OS Apple Watch.By their logic is similar to the latest operating system of modern smartphones - it can be installed as a complement of different applications.So, again, you can expand the capabilities of smart hours.

In particular, in addition to the time display and maps, Apple Watch can determine the rhythm of the heartbeat and respiration rate, air quality, provide a walkie-talkie to communicate with the iPhone, connect to the Internet, work with many data applications (for example, to book tickets, find the busand others).Thus, it can be said that the functional Apple Watch (ratings this can be confirmed) is similar to what can smartphone.Health


Particular attention is paid to the health surveillance.As already mentioned, the clock able to calculate the heart rate and breathing person to determine the pressure.With features clock Apple Watch, whose characteristics allow for the ability to download applications such as sports Nike Run, can become an indispensable assistant in training.With them you will be able to monitor their health more carefully, determining the state of health and adjusting the rate of employment.And this is - effective development of your body and improve health.


If we talk about the price of this device, it is rather the lack of it, what advantage.Even for US buyers, according to reviews, hours of Apple are quite expensive product.Buy a bracelet that can track your heart rate to the training of almost 350 dollars - it's not too justified the action despite the fact that other tasks can easily handle your iPhone.

In general, the variation in the prices of such: the cost of Sport starts with a mark of $ 349;Simple Apple Watch (technical specifications which are not much different) - from $ 549;a luxury Watch Edition - 10 thousand dollars.These prices are valid with the purchase from the official site of the company.Of course, it is important for the United States and other developed English-speaking countries.

If we talk about how much it costs Apple Watch in Russia, the Sport will cost at least 30 thousand rubles, the regular version - 60 thousand, and the Edition - 1.2 million rubles.As you can see, the price is slightly higher than in the simple terms of course.

Customer Reviews

If you look at the recommendations of those who have already purchased Watch from Apple, the most common opinion - is that the device offered at a higher price.Yes, features Apple Watch (monitoring the performance of the body of the owner, the ability to use applications, stylish design, and so on) - Useful for buyers.But the high cost makes this gadget is too expensive toy, because of the amount of 2-3 times less than you can buy a smart watch competitors.

Other negative points in the use of Watch - is the low battery life (battery lasts about a day, then you need to use a wireless charging to replenish it), and attachment to the iPhone (watch perform most of its functions after syncing with the phone).Furthermore, there is no Russian menu.