How to connect the TV "Tricolor"?

Each of us needs a rest after a hard day, and as you know, for many the best way to relax - it is more comfortable to sit on the couch watching your favorite TV.Even better, if on TV at the moment is some interesting movies or TV shows.

role of TV in modern life

Today is not the whole population of the country is available a large number of channels on the signal ordinary TV antenna.Basically the same problem faced by people living in small towns.It therefore falls throughout the evening, "poke" 2-3 channels, which, among other, are not displayed in the best quality.Just ten years ago it was only one alternative, namely the purchase of a VCR and tapes that are not so cheap.

Today, thanks to rapidly developing technologies, any person, regardless of where he lives, can become the owner of a large number of TV channels.Perhaps this is due to the connection of satellite TV "Tricolor TV".

technology works

Perhaps in our time all adults have heard of satellite TV "Tricolor TV".However, for most it is still a satellite dish - is something very dimensional and heavy.Modern equipment for satellite TV is available in absolutely all offices of companies that provide these services, so the connection is "Tricolor TV" is available to absolutely everyone.Antennas for receiving a signal of this type today are implemented in very small sizes.The diameter usually amounts to a maximum of 70-90 cm, and weighs less than a pair of kilograms.

Besides all this, few people is how to construct the technology of this type of data transfer.The principle of operation is not much different from that of an ordinary antenna.In the case of a standard TV antenna and a familiar television signal is received absolutely anywhere and direction.In turn, for the satellite dish required extremely precise adjustment direction to the satellite.It is enough to make a mistake by 1-2 degrees in the slope - and the signal quality can rapidly deteriorate or even the gulf.Then try to figure out how to connect yourself "Tricolor TV".

Advantages of Satellite TV "Tricolor TV"

The first and perhaps the main advantage of this over conventional TV is a wide selection of TV channels.This setting can be absolutely any territory.Also, except for the number should be noted and the quality of the image.If you use a satellite TV, this figure becomes much higher, which can not but rejoice.

good alternative to this type of data is a cable TV.However, this method is also possible in a more or less large cities, where there are companies that provide this type of service.

How to connect the TV "Tricolor": Trust the experts

To install the satellite TV at home, you must buy a full set of equipment.This set includes the receiver, antenna, remote control and user manual, which states how to connect the TV tricolor.

Today, a huge number of artists and companies that are engaged in connecting satellite TV "Tricolor TV".If you entrust the entire process of the art, high quality is ensured.However, there are unscrupulous employees who, in addition to incorrect hardware configuration can not quite place the antenna securely in the future may lead to failure of the whole system.

handwritten equipment connection

Many wonder how to connect the "Tricolor TV" itself, so try to understand the whole process.

The first step is to carry out all the preparatory work.For example, you need to determine exactly in what place will be installed satellite antenna.Also make sure that the direction of the antenna there are no obstacles.After all, do not forget that even the leaves of the trees in the way of receiving the satellite signal are a serious obstacle, and more specifically, an obstacle.After this, is to determine the location of the TV, and accordingly, and the receiver.

proceed directly to the installation, you should start with the collection of antennas.Assembly can be enjoyed in the room for added convenience.This process must be carried out fully in accordance with the instructions that came with complete equipment.Once the antenna is ready for installation, you need to securely attach it to the place prepared for this.

After that you need to understand how to connect the "Tricolor TV", but rather the receiver to your TV and to the antenna.At this point, much depends on the TV model.Connection is possible in several ways.For digital signal transmission, you can use the HDMI-cable.If your TV does not support this type of data, you should use a cable RCA, or, as it is called in the people, "tulips".And finally, it is also possible to connect using the cable "Scart".

Once the receiver has successfully connected to your TV, you need to start connecting the satellite dish.How to connect the TV "Tricolor", detailed in the instructions.To connect the antenna to the receiver must be reserved by coaxial cable and multiple connectors an F-nut.

When installing this wire should be avoided laying near the wiring.It is important to observe this rule, since otherwise there are numerous interfering signal transmission.

Once the cable is installed and connected to the receiver and antenna, you need to start setting up the latter.To do this, you must include all the equipment, go to the menu of the receiver and select the "Signal Quality".For each region, the coordinates for which you must direct the antenna, its.They are indicated in the instructions.Next, you must direct the antenna at an angle, which is specified for your region.Fit the signal quality to the maximum possible, the antenna should be fixed in the final position.This completes the setting.

How to connect cinemas "Tricolor TV"

To connect additional packages of channels, it is necessary to apply to services that provide these services.Such companies today, there are many.Just select a cinema and pay the cost of the corresponding package.In most cases payment is made for a year of service.