Setting up the receiver "Tricolor".

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Analog television confidence by leaps and bounds to the past, and to replace him come of IPTV and satellite broadcasting.All of them are in great demand among the population, as they provide excellent image quality, allow us not to depend on the natural and weather factors (the weather has little effect on the signal), and provide hundreds of thousands of additional services and subscriptions.

course, our customers first of all pay attention not only to the quality of services, but also on their cost.It is desirable that the latter should be as low as possible.Excellent value for money and quality of services implemented in digital satellite TV is characterized by a domestic company "Tricolor TV".I'm sure many of your friends or acquaintances connected to their network.

equipment packages and channels the "Tricolor" is very cheap and therefore affordable for the majority of potential customers.However, our people would not have been established if it had not made any attempts to somehow save.Today, we will examine the settings of the receiver "Tricolor", which is normally carried out by experts.

nothing particularly complicated about it, but because you will surely manage.

Build satellite dish

check with the accompanying instructions as carefully as possible assemble the antenna.The selected point (preferably on a hill) rigidly secure footing.In the loggia or balcony of the unit is attached only to the outside of the wall using anchor bolts.On the upper floors can be installed on the roof.If you live in the private sector, do not mount the antenna beneath the trees or massive structures that could adversely affect the signal reception.

How to install?

Once you have collected the antenna should be mounted on a suitable base, turning in the direction of about 4-5 hours, after which the device is to reject the four or five degrees downward.Once again, make sure that in the selected direction at least for fifty meters no massive objects that can have a negative effect on the positioning accuracy.

The probability of this is not so high, but sometimes even a pane of glass can significantly degrade the quality of reception.In this case, set the receiver "Tricolor" you can not at all desire.

antenna is fixed on a bracket so that it can rotate only under the influence of a certain force.Under the fastening device can be installed simple clamp.If you do, just as much as possible to loosen the mounting bolts: the antenna will be very convenient to turn on the basis of the said device.

Some misconceptions

Often you can hear that the antenna to the receiver should be connected only copper cable, as it holds the best signal.It should immediately be noted that such errors have remained from the time of analog TV when cable and in fact had a significant impact on the quality of the signal.

fact that the satellite transmitted digital information.Digital signals are completely indifferent to the quality of the cable it will pass.If everything is really bad, then you simply do not see any picture on the screen.No bands, "snow" and others, as it was in the days of analog televyshek, will be gone.

How to prepare the cable?

the signal passes, you need to properly prepare the cable.Often, it can be observed when people are extremely sloppy cleaned contacts, tearing half metal braid, and then wonder how the absence Whatever response from the equipment.How to avoid it?

  • Starting from the edges, gently clean by 15 mm.It is very important to try not to damage the shielding layer.
  • dressed with braided, again trying not to tear it.
  • Footprints in the cable must be screwed to the stop F-connector


However, there is one exception.If you are using good copper cable with double shielding and a strong central core, the antenna can be located at a distance of a hundred meters away from the TV.This is especially important if you're holding receivers "Tricolor TV» Full HD, which is very demanding on the data rate.

In the case where you bought the product on the Chinese, where the braid used finest threads unknown metal, and acts as a core of iron, lightly covered with a layer of copper, it is necessary to acquire an additional good amplifier.If you do not, then no adjustment of the receiver "Tricolor" will not help.

also often think that to ensure a good level of antenna signal must be raised as high as possible.This opinion also remains from the times of improvised receivers of wire, which really showed the best result, if they were fixed on the roof of the house.

raising the same to an unattainable height satellite dish, you will not guarantee good reception.On the contrary, if it is closer to the ground, the terrain can act like a prism, improving the signal direction.

start setting

before you will set up the receiver "Tricolor", it is necessary to perform certain manipulations with the antenna.First, connect the receiver with a converter with a cable, after which it can be customized.

Consider the process through which you can connect to the satellite "Bonum 1".To this must be entered into the data of the transponder, with which you want to find and satellite.

These are:

  • Frequency - 12226.
  • The polarization - horizontal.
  • flow rate - 27500.

Basic receiver settings

Since you configure the receiver "Tricolor TV"?First, go to the menu by pressing the appropriate button on your remote control model.Exit to select "Antenna Setup" or "Search transponder" and then enter in the appropriate field data that we have provided above.If you are unsure about where and what the menu is simply proshtudiruyte the instructions in your equipment.

very important to know which type of converter you have exhibited in the settings.Select the option "Single."In the settings LO, enter the number 10750.

watch TV without a receiver

Is it possible to watch the "Tricolor" without a receiver?Oddly enough, but it is possible.The fact that in modern television sets often include tuners that support DVB-S2.Receives a signal from the satellite they will.But!Just take, for decoding the question.

likely to watch "Tricolor" no receiver on this TV, you can, if it is a basic free channels.However, even this is highly doubtful.

adjust the levels of the signal from the satellite

further adjustment should start from point "Signal level» (Scan).Almost all current models of tuners represent two positions.Note the scale "level" as it displays the IF input parameters.Accordingly, the parameter "Quality" indicates the level of the desired signal (frequency, speed, and FEC).In the first case, however, it displays the full signal, comprising the essential noise, "white noise" and other "husk", which affects the reception quality negatively.

Before connecting the signal converter on the first scale is zero (most often).Many models of tuners have only one scale.If you see a mixed signal, it is gray.In the case when the equipment is tuned to the satellite, the color changes to green or yellow.That's the basic setup of the receiver "Tricolor TV".

start search satellite

first satellite looking at "junk" signal.The desired object is, the performance becomes noticeable.To find the required, should scan the sector in which it is hypothetical.Note that the high tree, barn or other obstructions can increase the signal level on the first scale.Of course, it should be guided only at the time when it begins to respond to the scale of "Quality" or change the color chart in the first column (as mentioned above).

«Thin" Search

a more detailed search, as you might guess, is conducted on the second level of the scale.Important!If you have some other receiver firmware "Tricolor", or it belongs to some other lineup, called us all menu items can be located in different places and levels on the scales to be horizontal or vertical.Be sure to check whether the option is active "power LNB», since otherwise the equipment will show a complete lack of signal.Scan to start from the same position in which the antenna has been installed.

To achieve better results in the search for it must rotate by 10-15 degrees in different directions.

Other tips signal

Note that the antenna should be rotated as slowly as possible, because the digital signal is processed by the receiver with a decent delay.Look at the second level of the scale, when you catch the desired frequency, it will be painted.In this case, with the utmost care and caution plate rotate until the reception level will not be maximized.Once again, we warn that the receiver for the "Tricolor» (HD-quality) demanding that parameter, so pay it close attention.

If you just catch the satellite fails, try a few antenna shifted up or down the mast, where you have it mounted.It is quite possible that will have to make several visits.Of course, the most visible evidence of the success of the settings will be the picture on the TV screen.

Once you achieve the maximum level of acceptance, must be carefully tighten the nuts.Spinning they need to very carefully, because the slightest shift of the antenna up or down, and scrolling along the axis can cause a sharp deterioration in the level of the signal from the satellite.

Here's how to connect the receiver "Tricolor".


Many fans who tried to put the antenna "by eye", nothing good comes out of this venture did not go.So refer to the setup should be very careful.In addition to the above, we offer you a couple of other useful tips.First, in any case not in a hurry: to turn the antenna to be literally a millimeter, constantly monitoring all indicators.

To configure preferable to choose only a clear and sunny day.Since the plate "Tricolor TV" can be found even in the most remote village in the forest, take a look at where the converters are directed to neighboring equipment.

can do more cunning: a sunny day, take a look at what the site focuses shadow converter.As practice shows, this simple technique can reduce setup time to 10-15 minutes.But sometimes people are busy day and night, trying unsuccessfully to target the moon!Unfortunately, in the shadow of the converter can only pay attention to the fall and winter, when the sun is low.Themselves representatives of the "Tricolor" say that when setting should focus on the southern direction.

Well, setting receiver "Tricolor" is complete!Enjoy your view!