Creoles - descendants of mixed marriages

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What are the world race, they know almost everything: caucasian, Mongoloid and Negroid.But Creoles, mestizos, mulattos - the names of the people belonging to the mixed interracial offspring, often causes confusion among the simple citizen.Not everyone can accurately and immediately tell who is who, the more that scientific interpretations are ambiguous interpretations.In this article we will try to give an answer to this question is quite difficult to understand, and finally, who is who.


Originally Creoles - descendants of colonial territories of America, North and South.The Portuguese, the Spanish, the French rarely intermarried with the local Indian population.Creoles - children from these marriages, as well as all their subsequent offspring.In different historical periods Creole continent's population has had a great impact on the various events, including in terms of independence from the colonists.


In this country the Creoles - descendants of black slaves, and local populations.With the arrival of blacks in the Americas (they were brought here by Europeans) have become frequent marriages of Indians and slaves.By the way, the recent head of Venezuela's Chavez also had a similar African-Indian origin.Another offspring is called the word "sambo".


where Creoles - the name of the descendants of mixed Russian ties and the representatives of the peoples of the north: Aleuts, Eskimos and Indians.As a kind of names - sahalyary.They are descendants of Russian and Yakut.So the son of the famous Russian pioneer Semyon Dezhnev, Love Dezhnev was sahalyarom native-born (or Creole in a general sense), since his father was married to the Yakut Abyakayade.

mulattos and Creoles

But a child born of a mixed marriage of representatives of Negroid and Caucasoid races, called mulatto.Mixed, Creole and mulatto are quite different in appearance, so it is quite difficult to mix.For example, the current US president - a mulatto, as born from the marriage of Kenyan and white-skinned American.Often referred to as the mulatto, whose blood is divided in half.At the origin of the word in two versions: Arabic and Spanish.So in Spain called hybrid animals (for example, a cross between a donkey and a mare).

In turn, those who have blood on 1/4 Negro, called quadroon 1/8 - oktoronami.One of the most famous quadroon - Alexandre Dumas.


But the concept of the half-breed, apparently, the most common.In modern society, the so-called descendants from all mixed marriages (including the mulattoes and Creoles).There is the word from the French roots of the word "mixed", "confused" and comes from the Latin root.But in some countries and regions were still a local definition.In America, for example, the M├ętis - descendants of Indians and Caucasians.In Asia, the so-called descendants of Europeans and Mongoloids.In Brazil - the children of Portuguese and Tupi Indians (mamelyukosy).


So called in America the descendants of three races: Negroid, Caucasoid, Americanoid (in North and South America).The origin of the term from the French word "mixture" ("melange").Currently there are more than 200 cultural groups melandzhenov.