How to promote the group VKontakte?

If you produce any goods, provide services, or simply own a website that you want to promote, it is a great opportunity for advertising today is the creation of thematic groups VKontakte.And in this process, there is absolutely nothing complicated - follow the instructions and fill in the relevant information, you create a community.Then, you send an invitation to join a group of your friends, friends of friends, etc.That's something like itself your child will grow into a virtual participants.But here it is important to understand that similar pages in the social network, there are many.Therefore, it is important promotion group.And below, we will tell how to do it.

Having your group, try to make it interesting, entertaining, informative from the information point of view.And many invitees will drop to you, let's see what it is, understand that all the idle and boring and just remove yourself from the number of participants.If you lack creativity, you can turn to freelancers to have filled a group of unique and exciting content.Do not forget that the group should be "live", that is, all its sections are in need of constant renewal.Add new topics in "Discussions", upload photos and videos, create voting.Pay attention to this unit as "Friends Site", where you can exchange links with other thematic communities (for example, a group of factory furniture can "make friends" with the manufacturers of plastic windows, interior designers, etc.).

When all questions on the registration of the group behind us, it is time to promote it.There are several ways in which you can act.

How to promote group VKontakte: Method 1

can send invitations by hand.Not effective way, unless, of course, the list of your friends do not have a person commercials 5000, since, in practice, most people are reluctant to come into the group, which they offer, considering it another spam submissions.

How to promote Vkontakte group: Method 2

can invite friends to help in the promotion, so they invited their friends to the community.The effectiveness of this method is higher than in the first method, but only slightly, more precisely not as much as you would like.

How to promote Vkontakte group: Method 3

You can refer to "secret agents" who send the invitation using a special software and for a fee.These guys tend to offer their services, entering the newly created group named "PR groups VKontakte" or something like that.Going on account of the "agent", you can see the prices for its services, and to agree on the details in personal correspondence.The cost of this promotion is relatively inexpensive - for $ 3-5 invitations will be sent out in 1000, and $ 10 in 1000 will replenish your group members.But there is a risk that your community may simply be banned, and forever.

How to promote group VKontakte: Mode 4

can create a resource for freelancers and put to one or more executing task - to join your group and invite a certain number of real users.Another cheaper than the previous method, however, the risks are the same.

Advertisement Group Contact: method 5

can order contextual advertising Pavel Durov.The method is not cheap but productive.The fact that the brief reklamku hanging somewhere on the left, will see all users of the social network, and to click on it and join groups - those who are really interested in the offer.Thus, you will have more potential customers, not just the participants who were invited automatically, and which are also automatically entered into the community.