How to make a Christmas tree out of cardboard with their hands?

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ready to party?You are looking for interesting options of gifts, souvenirs and decorations for the interior made with their own hands?Read how to make a Christmas tree out of cardboard.You will see a lot of new ideas how to create a simple product that can be made with the child and complex large objects to decorate the room.

How to make a Christmas tree out of cardboard with their hands

method of manufacturing this festive object invented a lot.There embodiments meter outdoor decoration or small gifts that can be hung on a wall or put on the table.All materials are available and are inexpensive, and handmade things done gives a special flair and beauty.

If you need to make souvenirs in large numbers, but you did not know how to make a Christmas tree out of cardboard and paper quickly select those methods that are listed at the beginning.So, here is a fairly large list of possible embodiments of the trees:

  • flat in the form of a triangle or a tiered branches;
  • bulky cardboard glued of three or more pieces cut out;
  • volume with an openwork pattern;
  • accordion folded triangle strung on a rod;
  • team volume on a template with slots;
  • a cardboard cone, pasted over the elements in the technique of quilling;
  • strung on a rod bent in a special way mugs;
  • cone decorated with wrapping paper or wallpaper;
  • the same form, pasted twisted circle cut out of magazines;
  • pyramid or cone with holes and light bulbs;
  • tier structure made of cardboard boxes trapezoid;
  • "skeleton" of the cardboard sticks;
  • cardboard base, decorated with loops or strips of paper and plastic bottles;
  • design, when a cardboard cone circles strung fleece decorated with white thread-grass, simulating a garland or frost;
  • cone wrapped in a spiral decorated with tinsel and rain.

The list includes those embodiments where the board is the foundation and decoration of Christmas trees, that is still visible.However, it is often only performs the function of the frame when it is completely closed cones, candy, buttons, beads, elements of the technique kanzashi and other decorations.

Tools and materials

Before the study sections that tell how to make a Christmas tree out of cardboard, should see a list of required tools and the fact that you need to buy other than the base material.Incidentally, he too, is of different density and structure.In some embodiments, more convenient to use colored cardboard for children's creativity, in other suitable packaging.If possible, it is necessary to try to design a special board, which is like a very heavy paper coated with metallic or pearlescent texture.

So, you need the following:

  • pencil, ruler;
  • scissors, a knife;
  • PVA glue or Melt;
  • templates, samples;
  • paper, cloth, plastic bottles, tinsel, rain and other decorations as desired.

As you can see, nothing complicated and expensive is not.The only tool that you can not be home - a Melt.It is a heater, which are installed inside special glue sticks, capable of melting under heat.The viscous state structure passes through the nozzle and is pressed to the right place.Melt is convenient to connect the elements and hard surfaces.It is suitable for the manufacture of various crafts and decorative interior works.If you decide to do it all the time, you can buy such a thing.If not, you can easily do with white glue.

most simple tree

If your child asks how to make a Christmas tree out of cardboard, and ask him to fabricate with the basic product.If their original decorate, get good gifts for grandparents.To make a flat tree-suspension of cardboard, do the following:

  • find a template or make it themselves;
  • circle outline on cardboard;
  • carefully cut with scissors;
  • if you need a loop for suspension, it can be done using a needle and thread or glue the ribbon, satin ribbon.To close the tips you need to easily stick a decorative element in the site or to make a Christmas tree of two parts between them to insert a loop;
  • decorate the product with any materials.

more spectacular and beautiful variant - to cut out the middle path or delicate decorative pattern on the cardboard.

tree glued part

This method is easy to get the bulk souvenir that is hung or placed.If you are wondering how to make a Christmas tree out of cardboard fast and beautiful, then this method is for you.Getting started is as in the previous version, only the parts you need at least three, but can be more.The 3D effect is created by a particular method of bonding parts.Thus, the following:

  • each carton blank fold along the symmetry axis;
  • on the inside along the lines of double-sided tape or glue Apply glue;
  • connect all parts (the tips of the branches do not need to stick together).

As in the case of a flat tree, you can connect the loop-suspension and make the cut by openwork pattern.These objects are obtained by light, airy and original.

Extra souvenir made by template

you already know how to make a Christmas tree out of cardboard in a simple manner.Now it is necessary to complicate the task.Such an option will look original and unusual.Assembling the parts even interested in boys, because they are reminiscent of the designer.If you like to design all kinds of schemes, create your template tree.As a first experience better prepared to take advantage of.

Large interior trees

If you are looking for ways to make a Christmas tree out of cardboard, which will replace a living and be able to fully decorate the room, use these options:

  • Make a large cone and decorate it on your own;
  • follow a triangular pyramid with cuts on faces, decorate with lights, lanterns;
  • collect tiered structure of trapezoidal boxes;
  • use a large number of cardboard strips to create a wireframe model tree.

Combining materials

cardboard can serve both as a basis and decor.A combination of different elements and manufacturing methods will create the most original version of New Year's decorations.Do you want to learn how to make a Christmas tree out of cardboard and tinsel?Read on:

  • cut the workpiece to the desired size of the cone;
  • fold and glue seam detail;
  • color in the appropriate shade tree;
  • Wrap the tinsel spiral using Melt, PVA glue or thread with a needle;
  • if necessary decorate decor.

Now you know how to make a Christmas tree out of cardboard and tinsel.In addition, you can use the rain.It is used as an additional or main decoration.To get an unusual souvenir, do this:

  • glue the cone;
  • cover it with a layer of paint you liked color;
  • secure the tape on top of the rain;
  • distribute strips evenly over the surface of the cone;
  • if you make a big interior object paste tiers to the base layers of the rain as long as necessary.

How to make a Christmas tree out of cardboard and rain you understand, but there are also other ideas with the use of additional materials.You need to unleash the imagination and engage the creative process.

How to make a star on the Christmas tree out of cardboard

Just as with the tree itself, you can choose different ways.They are the following:

  • cut flat five-pointed shape;
  • produce only path that wound thread, rope, satin ribbons;
  • make two parts of the first method, connect them to each other on the type of capsule strip, bend the ends of the star, glue joints, decorate decor;
  • produce complex three-dimensional parts of the template, which is drawn by the division of the circle.

If you want to learn how to make a star on the Christmas tree out of cardboard for pattern, see figure below.

So you saw a lot of ways how to make a Christmas tree out of cardboard with his hands.Different forms and additional materials will create a beautiful decor souvenir for the New Year holiday, or large interior decoration.