Soy isolate: what it is and what it eats

in sports nutrition have long used protein isolate.What it is known to almost every athlete.This nutritional supplement rich in protein, is used in sports for rapid muscle growth.

Modern technology has reached such a level that they are able to extract the protein from foods containing it.This is done by filtering, since the protein molecules are the largest among their brethren: fat and carbohydrates.The resulting mass was dried, pulverized, and actively used as a food additive.

most famous whey protein, soy isolate but often unfairly overlook.

protein in sports nutrition

During weight training muscle microcracks.For tissue repair and apply maximum growth supplements with high protein content.The fact is that after 10-15 minutes of training, called "protein-carbohydrate window", which successfully close the isolate.What it is?This is the period when the body is the most digestible protein, which is in the growth of muscle mass.

well established itself among athletes protein isolate also because it is easy to use.Suffice it to the required dose of the powder to dissolve in water, juice or milk shake up in a shaker or blender, and a delicious cocktail ready for use.

Soy isolate: indications for use

isolate a must for those who want to quickly gain muscle mass.It is optimal for athletes during the drying process.Those who want to lose weight and maintain the new shape will also help the protein.The fact that its assimilation and growth of muscle requires a lot of energy, which the body will draw from fat deposits, ie where there is growing muscle, burn fat.

protein isolates are mainly produced from whey.However, they are not suited to those with lactose intolerance who are allergic to animal protein, and renal disease.For vegetarians and those who observe a strict fast, soy isolate - a great alternative to conventional protein products of animal origin.

Dispelling Myths about soy isolate

Currently soy supplement - not the most popular isolate.Reviews of him rather contradictory.This is due to the fact that many of the word "soy" an association "genetically modified".The fact that soybeans in recent years has become one of the most common GMO foods, badly tarnished her reputation, which evolved over the centuries.East Asians have long been consumed in the diet soy products, and has always been famous for excellent health.The nutritional value of soy is high due to the large amount of vitamins and minerals.In addition, it is one of the highest quality meat substitutes.

casts doubt on the benefit of a food additive because of estrogen, which allegedly belong to isolate.What it is?Estrogen - a female hormones.In soy contains isoflavones, so-called plant hormones.However, for manufacturing isolate all unwanted substances are removed, including isoflavones.So the accusations that soy food additive may adversely affect male potency, are groundless.

Also, there is a perception that soy isolate is poorly absorbed by the so-called antinutrients, included in its composition.Manufacturers of food additives are also removed from its structure like.

In fact, the only drawback of soy isolate that it is inferior to the amount of another protein isolates.

Benefits of soy isolate

First of all, the price of soybean buyer attracts sports nutrition because it is much lower than other isolates.As mentioned above, in the manufacture of soy concentrate goes high purification of ballast substances.What nutrients were in the lineup?

  • Antioxidants.They successfully fight free radicals and is an excellent prevention of cancer.
  • of omega-3 and omega-6 acids, which prevent the appearance of plaques on the blood vessels and lower blood cholesterol levels.
  • Fiber effectively cleanses the intestines of toxins, improves metabolism and promotes weight loss.
  • Lecithin, which is the guardian of the health of the whole organism, is a regular participant of metabolic processes in the cell membrane.

In addition, the composition of soybeans contain substances that can display the radionuclides and heavy metal ions from the body.The absence of gluten protein also highlights the benefits of protein isolate.After all, this protein is the cause of allergies in many people.

How to use

soy isolate is recommended to drink in the morning to replenish the lost amino acids per night.You can also replace one of these protein cocktail snacks.Before training will help isolate the muscles to work more efficiently during power loads, when - to restore muscle closing "of protein-carbohydrate window".

Soy food additive - universal isolate.What is it, we have already found out, and now look at "what it eats."From the isolates can not only make cocktails, and add it to the food.All the desserts, which are allowed in the sports diet with this food additive will not only tasty but also extremely useful.