How not to pay child support, or reduce their size?

In a divorce, the child usually remains with the mother and the wife of the former court orders to transfer her alimony - a certain part of his salary.

But in life there are situations where the father is physically unable to pay the amount set by the court.In this case, it is best to negotiate with the former spouse peacefully: to explain the situation to her and ask for a deferment or a decrease in the size of payments.But, alas, sometimes the relationship between the former spouses are so strained that the concessions go no one is going.Then you have to look for other ways to solve how to avoid paying alimony.

sometimes caught fathers, which is simply a pity to give money.But before making a final decision, think about, whether you are confident in your intentions.After all, you need to take responsibility for their child.And besides, such deviation would allow a daze when it grows up, refuse to pay for your maintenance in old age.

If we have a situation that the question of how to avoid paying child support, is solved in a positive way, that there are some quite legitimate ways to avoid monthly fees.Some of them are not completely solve your problem, but it can help reduce the size of a decent payout.

The first option - it seems only right and proper answer to the question of how to avoid paying alimony.If your property is an apartment, house, land, according to the laws of our country, you have the right to transfer this property to the children and ask for the abolition of the payment of money.The main thing is to remember that such a transaction should be carried out with the permission of the guardianship of state registration and notary.

second option is as follows.In that case, when you think that you remitted funds are spent not on the child, you can contact the guardianship statement to verify their intended use.If your guesses are confirmed, in court, you have the right to require reducing the size of the alimony or the ability to transfer a sum of money to the account of the child in any bank of our country.

You can also sue the mother and child to do his own upbringing.But here, do not forget about the interests and needs of little personality.Think about whether your child with you as well as with the birth mother.

reason for reducing the size of payments can serve as admission to higher education.

the Internet the fathers who do not want to pay child support, are often advised to include either need to go into indefinite leave from the main job, or to get somewhere unofficially.Be aware that these tips incorrect.Even if you get the official status of the unemployed, you still need to pay alimony.The amount in this case is calculated relative to the size of the subsistence minimum.

Perhaps listed tips on how to avoid paying child support - the only correct and not contrary to law.However, remember that if you do not list the dresses for a long period (more than six months), or bailiffs will be able to prove that you deliberately shy away from it, you will face criminal responsibility.And the accumulated debt of alimony will still have to pay.