Extract from the house register

in accordance with the law in any transactions related to residential real estate, have to present an extract from the house register.At the word "book" in many an association with volume folio.In fact, although it is possible, but practically it does not occur.Typically House book looks like a magazine A4 pages 10-20.

first appearance in the 18th century, the house register, as an administrative document existed without substantial changes to the present day.The difference is that whereas previously there were specified Nameprescribed by the tenants (including the date of introduction and discharge), position, address and information about the family, now the list has changed: for example, the title of the disappeared, but added a detailed description of the property.This is especially useful for owners of private houses: the book is a floor plan of the property with the exact size of the room, the location of each stationary santehpriborov thick walls, their material and even the width of window and door openings.

Extract from the house, in particular, it allows one to deal with the issues of property rights to housing.It is worth noting that in 2011 in some countries of the former Soviet Union, this document has been abolished in order to reduce the number of records in government offices.

Extract from the house register is required for the purchase, exchange and sale of real estate, the residents of which are its owners and it is indicated in this document.

particularly popular on the Internet the question: "Where is the house register?"It depends on the type of property: in the case of a private home it is kept by the owner, but the residents of the public sector (apartments in high-rises) about its safety can not worry - these documents are in ZhEKe.In light of the foregoing, the answer to the associated question of "where to get an extract from the house" is obvious.

Now a closer look at some important moments.If the book is "on hand" to get something for free, you can extract from it in the passport office, or BTI (individually in each city, country).It is also permissible to use the paid services of a notary.

Modeled filled statement applied to him the following documents: passport (birth certificate) for each prescribed in the building and the tenant of the BTI certificate of ownership of this property.That's all.If all goes well, the statement shall be issued immediately.When you receive the nuances may be delayed.It is important to remember two things: to confirm that your property;identification of all prescription (indirect consent of operations).Validity of the extract is limited to one calendar month after which they will have to take a new one.

Since the book is a document, then the real estate transactions, it is the owner, or the housing organization, and provides all the necessary data extract from the house register.It can be compared with a notarized copy of the passport.

When buying a home becomes particularly relevant archival excerpt from the house register.What is it and what is different from the usual?Quite simply: assume that bought property in the secondary market.The buyer, who wishes to secure the deal, must familiarize themselves with the advanced version of an extract from the house register.It identifies all operations on a registration / extract from the date of delivery of housing, and the very first owners.And because registration is carried out together with the presentation of a passport, the archival excerpt can be found all the data of the occupants.A careful examination of these data will prevent such an unpleasant situation, as the appearance of the owner, which was prescribed, for example, before the second hosts, but then disappeared somewhere.