Apostille Docs

beautiful word "Apostille" called a special stamp, which is given special bodies in the official papers of non-commercial character granted to institutions of States Parties in The Hague.This Convention was devoted to leveling requirements of legalization of official foreign securities.The agreement was signed in October 1961 the fifth.Apostille stamp like just verifies that the signature and the role in which the person acted, papers to sign.

It emerged as a universal procedure for confirming the legality of foreign documents.Unlike legalization, which is held consulates, this procedure takes less time, and with an apostille documents are in different countries, not just one.To abroad your documents come into force, they should be required to go through the procedure of the certificate, if our countries do not yet have an agreement on the abolition of legalization procedures.

What are the authorities in Russia have the right to affix the apostille?

In Russia, the state granted the right to apostille the following bodies:

- Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation - on the documents on military service;

- Ministry of Justice - for all the documents of official character issued by public authorities;

- The Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Science and Education - to archival extracts, certificates, copies;

- Registry Office - all documents recording civil status;

- Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor General's Office.

As it looks apostille documents ?

Apostille in fact - the usual stamp 10 to 10 centimeters, he or stamped on the document itself or on a separate special paper, which is sewn together with the document.

Ministry of Education apostille only original documents on education (certificates, diplomas, amendments thereto, certificates).Copies apstilem not recognized as valid.Pay particular attention to - the documents must comply with the state standard, which was adopted in the country at the time of issuance of the document.

Everything about apostille on the birth certificate

stamped confirmation on evidence it is necessary, it is not discussed, and require that the two countries - Russia and the country where you live.On the evidence you put a stamp only in the registry office, where you have to give, in any other.If you go there a problem, you can do it with the power of attorney.

is put it is not directly on the evidence and on an additional sheet of paper, which is sewn to the original, if your evidence in the form of books.If the document is a paper, then put a stamp on his back towards the net.