Nikitinskaya Library of Voronezh: the history of creation and the life of the institution today

In the old days people are more valued knowledge rather than material goods.Books were very expensive, and sometimes to find the right edition was not impossible.That is why even in the early days of writing were invented libraries - special storage for recorded information.There they are today - because it is so convenient and pleasant: to take interesting book at a time, hold in their hands a true copy of antiquarian and seek an answer to the question of what to read among the long rows of shelves.Nikitinskaya Library of Voronezh - one of the largest and oldest in the city, it works today.

Library Voronezh

first public library in the city was founded in 1757.The institution referred to the seminary, her teacher and brought here the first books on their own initiative.The library has long been available only for seminarians and their teachers, for this reason, already in 1834 the idea of ​​creating another book depository, this time the public.Since this was a non-profit organization and there by private donations, after 20 years, it has ceased to exist.In 1855, residents of the city have no place to read a book again.But this problem already in 1864 decided Ivan Nikitin - the owner of the bookstore, opened his own reading room.This is Nikitinskaya Library of Voronezh, in the people - "Nikitinka" that exists in our day.

People have always loved to read

large role in the fate of the public library played an indifferent citizens.A significant contribution to the development of stacks made: AV Venevitinov, MF De Poulet, VY Tulin and AV Stankevich.One of the enthusiasts even singled out personally owned the room, and a library of Voronezh Nikitinskaya finally found a home.It was a wooden outhouse residential house, located at Revolution Avenue, Building 30. In 1914, the collection was about 60 thousand volumes.The library at the time had several branches in the city and region.In Soviet times, a collection of books called "named YMSverdlov. "Like many other libraries in Voronezh, Nikitinka received a new building - Revolution Avenue, Building 22 (formerly lived here the governor).In 1963, the repository of books returned to the old name - the name of the founder.A year later, the library moved again, for the last time.

Nikitinskaya library today

Nowadays library works and receives visitors.Nikitinskaya Library of Voronezh is located at Lenin Square, 2. For the record will need a passport and a photo 3x4 cm, do not forget to make a symbolic fee - about 20 rubles.Attention in the library are set special rules for visitors.In the reading room can be taken only transparent bags, opaque bags need to take in the wardrobe.Today in the library collection Nikitinskaya more than 3000000 various types of materials: this is the traditional paper books and electronic files as well as audio and video.