What will be the man of the third millennium?

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How will people of the third millennium?Would he still like us?Or the rights of science fiction in the works that our descendants will look strange-looking creatures with extraordinary abilities?

converts a person?

Ironically, at the science is still no clear answer to the question came up whether the end of the evolution of the human species.Some scientists believe that a person has reached perfection, while others believe that in the future our appearance will be different.In 2006, Professor Oliver Curry, a scientist from the Center of natural philosophy and social science at the London School of Economics, he tried to imagine how it will look a person in a thousand years.In the "Report on the evolution of" he suggested that by 3006, under the influence of the sexual preferences of a person's appearance will undergo significant changes in facial features become more harmonious, female breast - luxuriant male genitalia - larger.In the physical plane man will become much weaker and defenseless, moreover, it loses communication skills and forgotten how to love, to experience and to care about other people.Curry also claimed that in the future will dissolve the notion of "race" and everyone will have the same color skin, the coffee color.

However, this pessimistic scenario is highly unlikely, and on all counts.First, the mixture of races does not lead to a "coffee skin tone", as Africans make up a very small portion of the population.If current demographic trends - with complete dominance of Asian (China, India and others), the "total mix" is not at all: the man of tomorrow will be a Chinese or Indian.After all, the population of China's population today is more the whole of Africa (by the way, is not completely black) to 300 million, and then the gap will only widen.Secondly, the question is, and the very notion of "complete confusion" of humanity to 3000, the fact today there are no prerequisites, that the pace of migration to change significantly in the future, and 20-30% of ethnic immigrants, as practice shows, for several generations to dissolveindigenous ethnic groups.

Loss ethnic faces of any of the nations happen if for some reason he suddenly decides to intermarry with others.For example, the Belarusians with Nigerians - to create offspring with "a touch of coffee."But this is impossible, because people still prefer to create a family with members of their own ethnic group, and Belarusians live is not surrounded by representatives of the Black Continent.Because that much greater part of mankind throughout the ages right hand dominates the left, it does not become of it as something different.It completely breaks all the speculative concepts that lifestyle can influence the changes in the body.And from an anthropological point of view, the judgment of Professor seem frivolous.

Every species has inner strength.Otherwise, it would be possible in the spirit of Professor Curry "predict" that if in the family for 20 generations will be one programmers, their right hand mouse control will be twice as much left and it will be two or three more fingers for comfort and control.Or, in the home players sooner or later there will be descendants with huge feet, and the children of nuclear physicists will develop immunity to radiation.

Such arguments resemble the famous "inferences" Academician Lysenko.From this point of view is incorrect and numerous assumptions that a man of the future will be the volume of the brain to grow strongly, and the people gradually become a "tadpole".Any such changes will not happen, and the advanced features of the brain will be implemented in some other way - you connect the brain to the computer, including additional memory blocks.For example, the famous futurist Ray Kurzweil in his book "The Singularity near" writes: "Ultimately, we solemsya with our technology: the mid 2040's.abiotic portion of our intelligence will be billions of times more powerful than the biological portion of it. "

Maybe something to correct?

As you can see, the man is not an evolutionary change.But we do not want themselves to artificially change the look of your own, making your body more perfect?Do not arise if we have a desire to radically "to correct nature?"I think about that three American gerontologist - Jay Olshansky, Bruce Cairns and Robert Butler.His proposals for changes in the structure of the human body, they published in the journal Scientific American, and justified them as follows: nature has not sought to make man the eternal, it is enough for the time of his life to leave offspring.But if the man himself designed his anatomy, he certainly would have made some changes that allow to live longer and more comfortable in old age, the one that is the nature of "not necessary."

Here are some suggestions of Gerontology.They are advised to thicken cartilage discs between the vertebrae, making stronger neck vertebrae, as well as to strengthen the muscles and ligaments, which they are attached to the bones: become less dislocation.To prevent hernias need to increase the number of ribs.Even the scientists propose to change the structure of the knee joint, removing the kneecap, a detail that often suffers when dropped.There are many other proposals.Scientist Walter Longo believes that living 800 years is not just possible, but inevitable.

Apparently, this "improvement" of our body will not take place for at least two reasons.Firstly, the connection of the brain to a computer opens up the prospect of transferring our mind on any other medium (biological or computer) that in itself solve all the problems with mortality and imperfection of our biological membranes.And secondly, the main efforts are directed not gerontologists to increase the term of decrepit old age, and for an extension - in the boundless time - the active phase of life.According to forecasts, our grandchildren will be able to gain eternal life.

revolution immortal

Among the obvious threats (overcrowding, lack of resources, unemployment, etc.) That would arise due to the sharp increase in life expectancy will be another very unexpected.If before the eternal problem of "fathers and children" first solved the aging and care of the stage of history, it is now a human life is arranged quite differently.Reactionaries will remain at the helm in all areas of human life indefinitely, which could lead to the onset of a new era of stagnation.Instead, political parties appear Party of different generations (and in the future from different eras), the young will seek recognition from the senior's place in the world, and then there will be one the younger generation - to create the mash will be almost impossible to overcome.The only way out - the mass migration of younger generations in different places (countries, continents, planets), where they can create their own society, free from the power of the reactionaries.The tension of this "revolution Immortals" will disappear only after 100 years, when most of the inhabitants, composed of representatives of the older generation: young they are all the same will be considered as reactionaries.This will create stability, formed a new face of humanity.

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