Cold calls: how to get results

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Marketing is inextricably linked with communication, meetings and negotiations.For this reason, people are a profession should have good communicative knowledge to find a common language with all the customers and other stakeholders in business processes.Most novice marketers commit the search for new customers by make phone calls.This work pushes a lot of bounce, which greatly undermines the positive attitude.Due to the fact that the other person often does not want to talk, this kind of communication is called "cold calls."

Process Description

Any company seeks all possible ways to increase the number of its customers.Cold calling - an approach in which both parties have direct contact.If we talk about the process, it can be divided into the following components:

- goal-setting negotiations;

- search for contacts;

- preparation for the conversation;

- conversation itself;

- summing up;

- repeated contact.

cold calls all have a purpose.She may not be the only order a service or make a purchase, but also the emergence of the desire to receive more information or a familiarity with the products of the company.Proper goal setting helps keep the conversation more structured and achieve the desired result.

Thanks to the Internet is not difficult to find the contact information of a company.It is much harder to get through to the right person who will have the power to take decisions, and whose opinion will determine the actions of the company.

course, improvisation - is a variant of conversation, but to achieve the result required preparation.It should be possible to analyze the issues and arguments.Prepare a list of advantages and benefits.Rehearsed and complicated pronunciation of foreign words, not to look foolish in the eyes of the interlocutor.

Cold calls are the most successful in cases where both sides say.It is preferable to speak out and help him to come to a conclusion about the benefits of your company.During the call should control their emotions and feelings, as well as in any case, to leave a good impression from the conversation.

After the conversation must be in writing to note contact and personal data source, and record information about the reached agreements, or interest.It is important to schedule the date of the next contact.Written commercial or unique selling proposition should be sent along with a letter expressing gratitude for your time and hope for further cooperation.

Success Secrets

Cold calls require a special approach.The personality largely determines the outcome of the conversation.It is understood that in addition to the logical validity of the transaction, the person is also important and emotional component.Therefore, you must believe in the product you offer.If you are convinced that the company or individuals will benefit from your services or goods, the tone of the conversation will be the second of your confidence.

Thus, the effectiveness of the company can be increased by making cold calls.An example of their use can already be seen in almost every company.The undeniable fact is that they have the advantage of being in direct contact with a live representative of the company.