How to gain weight fast guy 17 years?

Very often in adolescence problem underweight.In this age of excessive thinness may contribute to the development of systems.Over time, during puberty, guys want to have a strong and relief torso.But without enough muscle to achieve this is not possible.How to gain weight fast guy 17 years old and at the same time to create a strong and taut torso?But first it is necessary to deal with the problem of insufficient weight and understand the reasons for its occurrence.

reasons underweight adolescents

The main thing to remember that the reasons for shortfall in the weight of each individual case.

The main reasons are as follows.

  1. rapid growth.At the age of 13-14 years, the boys begin to add to growth rapidly.Muscle mass does not have time to grow so quickly.
  2. loss of appetite.The problem of poor appetite or lack of it can be associated with physical and parasitic diseases, mental disorders, malnutrition.
  3. stress and disease.The emotional state of adolescents are very unstable, so the appetite can be greatly reduced or absent.It is also possible due to violations of robots of various processes in the body, especially the metabolism and hormonal status.
  4. physical activity.Excessive exercise and unbalanced diet prevent weight gain.

Particular attention should be given to parents of the boy as a teenager and, if necessary, seek professional help.

Norm weight and height

norm - is average, typical for certain parameters.It allows you to assess the physical development of the person and his health.For each person, depending on age, the rate is determined by weight and height.The table shows the average rate of physical development teenager Man aged 16 - 17 years and the allowable fluctuation indicators.

Norm weight and height for a male teenager

average growth

permissible range of growth average weight interval allowed weight
16 172,5 cm 163 - 182 cm 62 kg 48 - 76.5 kg
17 years 178 cm 166,5 - 178 cm 67 kg 54,5 - 80 kg

relationship of weight and height is very important in the formation of adolescent body.Their proportional ratio will help determine the suitability of any discrepancy between the age norm.

If body type Man refers to ectomorphic then gain weight it will be much harder.But do not despair, observing some rules and tips you can easily not only increase muscle mass, but also give it an attractive relief.

How to gain weight and grow fat

possibility of the body build muscle mass is very individual.It depends on the quantity of protein synthesized (this is influenced by the level of testosterone, increasing it depending on the stress) and the genetic predisposition to the growth of muscle fibers.

before quickly gain weight, a guy 17 years is very important to understand the rules of the dry weight of the set, in order not to become the owner of a large amount of fat.

Increased calorie foods .If weight gain is necessary to give the body a lot of calories, increasing the energy value of the diet.

Schedule meals .Breakfast is optional for 15 minutes after waking up.Further eating should be every 2-3 hours.The main thing with weight gain - not to use the body's own tissues for energy enrichment.

Cutlery large .Tricky dietary intake.If you use a dish make sure that it is completely covered products.

Application post-training complexes .After a workout in the gym you need as soon as possible to restore the lost energy by eating high-calorie food and belkovosoderzhaschey.Help rebuild muscles after power loads will use high-quality and high-calorie carbohydrate cocktail.

high-calorie diet .In drawing up the nutrition you need to focus on high-calorie foods and eliminate the use of whole vegetables and oatmeal.Too bulky products quickly cause a feeling of fullness and promptly return the feeling of hunger.

monitoring the energy value of the daily ration .Control of the use of calories will allow them to comply with the permissible limit and control the weight gain at the expense of muscle or fat.

rational conduct kardionagruzok .They should be not too intense and short-lived.Increased appetite, increase the effectiveness of restorative processes and accelerate metabolism - it is just what you need to gain weight.And all this only because of properly conducted cardio.

Work only after a full meal .1 hour before the start of power loads to be taken with food high in calories.Then your body will not use more energy than it consumes.

Features workout for a set of muscle mass

Many are wondering how to gain weight thin one guy, and that this should be done in the gym.Everything is very simple.After making the correct time to start a balanced diet to increase the effectiveness of training.

basic rules for effective muscle building:

  • constancy and regularity of training;
  • gradually increasing the weight;
  • use in training of basic exercises;
  • minimum number kardionagruzok;
  • presence of exposure, patience and quality of work;
  • execution approaches the maximum possible amount of time - up to a burning sensation in the muscles;
  • correct execution of the exercise equipment;
  • circuit training: first the whole body in one visit the hall, and then share and alternately engaged in the upper and lower part.
  • recovery after power loads - at least eight hours of sleep.

If you observe the basic rules of the training process in combination with proper nutrition, impressive results on increasing the volume of muscles and relief will not leave you waiting.

Features Power to weight gain

Answering the question "how to gain weight fast guy 17 years," remember that food in such a case should be high, and the food - varied.Calories - a source of energy, fat and muscle mass.The basic rule of power - it is the enrichment of the body so the amount of energy that is consumed much more.

in the daily diet should be all the nutrients:

  • proteins - a source of lean muscle mass;
  • fat - source of calories;
  • carbohydrates - a source of energy;
  • amino acids - the reduction product.

At the heart of the daily diet in the first place should be complex carbohydrates and protein.It is also worth to eat fruits and vegetables rich in fiber, promotes normalization of digestion.

recommended to abandon low-calorie drinks, coffee and tea without sugar and sparkling mineral water.Preference is to give milk, cream, banana or cranberry juice.

To understand how to gain weight thin one guy at the expense of power, should first pay attention to the frequency of food intake.Correct mode is divided into six receptions at intervals of two to three hours.

If weight gain is very important to follow the diet.So you're helping your body get used to the stability of the resulting food products, and thereby stabilize the metabolic processes in the body.

How to gain weight in a week

Many guys dream of gaining weight, and thus create a beautiful relief of the body as soon as possible.That is why those who are trying to figure out how to gain weight thin one guy for seven days, we write out the basic principles of a successful set of exercises and diets massonabornyh.

Axiom create a beautiful body with enough muscle mass is a regular well-balanced nutrition and constant power load at the gym.

breakfast should consist of a very large meal, which is rich in trace elements.

should be accustomed to eat quickly without being long at the table.20 minutes is enough to saturate the body with nutrients.A prolonged intake of food increases the amount of fat only.

up the diet of the right foods, the assimilation in the body which will benefit and enrich it with energy and not be postponed in problem areas.Eat foods with a low glycemic index and high in mineral acids.

For how much you can gain weight, exercising at the gym every day, and that should be to do it, tell a highly coach.

Massonabornaya diet helps slow the process of metabolism in the body, without allowing excess fats deposited by competently drawn up training regime.

How to gain weight at home

Weight gain - it is a gradual process and is largely determined by your state of health and age.If we gain weight at home, should contact a dietitian to produce correct and most appropriate diet for you individually.

One of the most common methods for weight gain home recommends:

  • nutritious breakfast and dinner;
  • a large number of protein products;
  • thorough chewing of food;
  • food drink water;
  • separation of the products of the process of assimilation of the body.
  • after a meal - a good rest;
  • the amount of water consumed per day - at least 3 liters;
  • daily carrying water and steam treatments;
  • use of products containing vitamins and minerals;
  • long walks outdoors;
  • conduct weight training duration of 1 hour at intervals 3 times a week;
  • in recovery and increase muscle mass recommended eating fish;
  • night sleep - at least 8 hours;
  • increase the use of sodium needed for muscle growth.

a result of physical activity calories can be transformed into muscle mass, which in turn, can weigh more than fat.Therefore, we should not forget that the individual rates of weight and height (table their evidence shows permissible range).And in such cases, it will help to adjust the plan of weight gain for a teenager.

Earn 5 kilogram

Weight gain depends on the person to whom it is necessary.Today, there are many sets of exercises and variations massonabirayuschih diets.Only lazy people will not be able to choose the best option for themselves and thus to increase their volume and weight.The question "how to gain 5 kg of weight, and what determines the outcome" of concern to many guys.

matter what lifestyle a person leads, the intensity and accuracy of the training process and, of course, comply with the rules of the diet depends on the number dialed kilogram.By following all the rules, add 5 kilograms without injury is quite possible for one month of regular exercise and proper nutrition.Muscle mass thus will increase in the volume and give extra weight.Experienced trainers advised the gradual weight gain.Having achieved the desired result, you must in any case do not stop and constantly keep your body in good shape.

the use of auxiliary products

Many athletes for the rapid recruitment of muscle mass is recommended to use additional sports supplements.Such sports nutrition, kakglyukomin, lecithin, creatine help to increase muscle size.But due to adolescence before the use of such drugs suggested to consult with a specialist.Are considered safe to use products that contain beneficial omega-acid and brewer's yeast.Here's to them we suggest you stop.

figure out how to gain weight fast guy 17 years, we recommend you not to stay at home and run to the store, a gym and begin to form a beautiful, smart, and a massive body.