What is the draft board

Each district or in the city without the district must provide the draft board.Recruiting station - this is the place in which it is located and operates.

Composition draft board following:

- Secretary;

- Chairman;

- Commissar;

- the representative body of the Interior;

- doctor (conscription medical commission under his leadership).

All these people have to make decisions in concert.Each of them has a deputy, or even several.Conscription Commission can act in several territorial entities.It depends on the region.

draft commission - this is what dreams are often nightmares young men of military age.Who is obliged to face it?All the young people of this age.Appeal shall be persons from 18 to 27 years.Unfit for military service also sets the draft board.

Here is a list of persons not subject to the relevant account:

- exempt from duty;

- serving a criminal sentence;

- women without accounting profession;

- face on an alternative service;

- those people who constantly live outside the Russian Federation.

draft commission is citizens who have come in time and bring:

- a certificate of employment, or the study;

- passport;

- service registration certificate;

- medical records;

- document on education.

also need to bring more paper-type documents confirming the existence of sports categories, music education, and so on.

draft commission check as a person of the recruit and his health.The disease - this is due to what many young men trying to avoid military service.For this reason, physicians should carefully examine the medical cards and send to the survey in the appropriate hospital to install the exact diagnosis.

eventually draft board will have to make one of its decisions:

- about the direction of alternative service;

- the appeal;

- on admission to the reserve;

- the postponement;

- an exemption from conscription.

Everything must be lawful and justified.

solution that draft board will respect each individual should be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.It also entered into the registration card of a conscript.

Conscript also received a summons to appear before the committee to pass a further examination or to send to the passage of life.

The decision must be specified types of forces, in which the recruit is sent.This rule is not always valid, which means that until the last moment people do not know where they will serve.Alas, it is.

Conscripts are another compulsory procedure - state fingerprint registration.

postponement of military service may be issued for a variety of reasons.It may be a study, and the disease, and more.Before the postponement was given to those who have children, but now, this provision does not apply.

With military account citizen who has not served, will be filmed in 27 years.Recall that the draft dodgers waiting for criminal liability.