Sling with rings - characteristics, methods of use and choice

Today we continue to acquaint you with slings - wonderful devices for carrying a child.

first and one of the most common types of sling - sling with rings (ring sling): lovely design, convenient to use, with fast access to the child.

What sling with rings, and what he's done?

Sling with rings - a strip of cloth length of about two meters and a width of 60-70 cm. On the one hand inserted (sewn or threaded) ring and the other end of the sling loaded into the ring so that you can adjust its length.Sometimes near the rings do sinteponovye shoulder pad.On the Internet you can often find the abbreviation SSC - it means "sling with the rings."

second end of the sling can be sewn can be simply dissolved or chamfered.Do not sewn long "tail" of the sling looks nice, you can optionally hide a child during feeding or protection from the sun.

sling's fabric can be any, depending on the weather and the preferences of moms (calico, satin, linen, velvet, silk, denim, jacquard fabrics, etc.).The preferred natural fabrics - for Sling direct contact with the baby.

most optimal material for sling with rings (and perhaps any sling) - so-called "sharfovaya" fabric, ie the fabric used for slings, scarves (twill and jacquard weave).It distributes the load better, beautiful and in service only gets better and softer.

Sling with rings can be soft flanges (filler - padding polyester, polyurethane foam) - usually such slings must be chosen size, or without skirting - fit parents, regardless of size.

There are variants where, instead of rings used shotgun, and bumpers for slimming lace.Looks very aesthetically pleasing, but harder to handle, and is almost impossible to tighten the laces rim so that the child is pressed firmly against you.

Each manufacturer slings - nuances of tailoring (absence-presence of skirting differently sewn shoulder - according to settling down in different ways), so for each sling need to adapt himself.It is better to try on a few - and choose the one in which you will be most convenient.

There are even aqua slings - they can swim mom with a toddler.They are made of cloth, which is well-breathable, quick drying and very easy.

Sling with rings fit a child from birth to two years.

Sling with rings - is one of today's most popular kinds of slings.The prototype Sling with rings are the usual scarves or shawls used to carry children in various parts of the globe: Africa, Sweden, Russia, Cambodia, India and other countries.

The invention of the sling with the rings on the right belongs to Dr. Rainer Garner (Dr. Rayner Garner).It was he who invented it for his daughter Funds (Fonda), who was born in the town of Kaneohe, Hawaii in 1981.First Sacha wife Reiner, use a soft woolen scarf, knotted, but it was not very convenient.

Then Rainer got the idea to pass a cloth in a wooden ring, so that the sling can be adjusted.The idea was successful and aroused great interest among the other parents.Sacha and Rainer organized the first production of slings on the rings, and then the idea was picked up by William and Martha Sears and spread it across America, Europe and Russia.

Regulation baby in a sling with the rings

1. Crib

2. Front

3. On the side, on the back side (different from the previous one only by the fact that my mother's hand is in front of a child - at the expense of a child with a slingshifted slightly back)

4. Behind

easy to change the position of the baby in a sling.

in a sling with the rings can be worn with the child's birth, both horizontally and vertically (in the fetal position and "frog").At the hip and on the back can be worn from the moment when a child holds his head, and you are sure to be able to position it correctly, but it's not the most comfortable sling for zaspinnyh provisions.

Advantages and disadvantages of the sling with rings


Sling with rings very "mobile", it is easy to go to change the baby's position, you can quietly put or pull out the baby, simply by loosening the ring.

¬ętail" Sling conveniently hide from prying eyes while feeding in public.This sling is adjusted with one hand and can even be a great addition to holiday together.

Sling rings are best suited:

1. Infants (ease and speed of adjustment), it can be fed.

2. For short walks with the children after a year (when the baby is already walking itself, but sometimes it is necessary to bring. Here again is useful to speed boarding passenger disembarkation).You can put the baby in a sling, without lifting your hands and putting on standing-sitting kid (mother not to get on the footwear).

3. Because of the speed of landing, the landing is convenient to use at home (but probably the most convenient for home affairs - a position on the back in a scarf).


Load balancing is only on one shoulder and the back, so you need to regularly alternate shoulders.

The child weighs more - the more difficult and uncomfortable to wear.Many mothers to six months the baby move to a scarf or May-sling.And many people simply come in taste and want to try different types of slings.If you have malovesyaschy baby, you can use the sling with rings constantly, perhaps another sling and you do not need.

not recommended to mothers and fathers who have back problems.When equipped with the shoulder should be replaced regularly, which is worn on a sash.One hand is limited in the action.And from the perspective of "safety" sling with rings inferior May-sling and sling-scarf.If inexperienced mother did not tightened the lower ledge, then the chances of slipping out of the kid.

How to choose the size of the sling with the rings?

Sling rings without skirting and nezashitym tail suit any parent, regardless of size.

When choosing a sling with the rings with flanges be sure to check its size.Here is the rule "less is more."If you sling is great in size and bumpers will not be able to climb into the ring, you can not firmly secure the sling.

When selecting this sling should be geared to the size of the parent who will be wearing baby in a sling often.This rule does not apply to slings with thin flanges that are easily adjusted in the rings.

size sling is determined solely by the size of the adult.The same sling is suitable for the newborn, and child for two years.

To clarify its size, measure the circumference of the chest at the point projecting breast and shoulder blades, positioning measuring tape horizontally.Half of the measurements and determine your clothing size.For example, a chest circumference of 88 cm corresponds to the 44th size, etc.

If the measurement you obtained an intermediate value, for example 90 cm, you should choose the nearest size sling downward.

If you have a border size, it is better to take the sling smaller.

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