Loyalty program "Oriflame" - one step closer to their own business

Among the variety of companies whose work is based on the principles of direct sales, there are only a few really successful.Among them, for many years the leading position take the Swedish company "Oriflame".Many years of successful experience, innovative approach and focus on the needs of each client have long been advantages of the company.Employees are given the loyalty program "Oriflame", which will not disregard the personal merits of each.

at the origins of

Those who at least once used cosmetics of this brand, must have noticed something, whether it ecological.Such products can be created only in countries where adopted to protect nature.All it is, company "Oriflame" has been established in Sweden.This country has long been known for its prudent use of natural resources, as well as organic cosmetics.

Carry Swedish outlook regarding the natural resources around the world have decided to mark the creators of "Oriflame".Two brothers created in 1967 a small cosmetics company, whose main goal was the production of organic cosmetics and compliance with all standards of environmental responsibility.It is today the loyalty program "Oriflame" amazing scale, and then, many years ago, everything was different.A small group of enthusiasts had been united by a common purpose and zealously set for its implementation.

rapid success

usually people for whom business is not just a means of earning a matter of life and hobbies at the same time, luck.It happened and now the Swedish brothers.Such rapid growth, which was at the "Oriflame", they did not expect.But the company was ready to to grow and conquer new markets.Every year opened offices and offices around the world.But no matter how the events developed, the permanent loyalty program remained "Oriflame".The founders understood that such programs, like nothing else, positive impact on the cohesion of the team.

The scale hit

Today it is difficult to say whether in the mind of the creators of the dream that their company has become a giant.Nevertheless, that's what happened.It was not long, and "Oriflame" is already working in more than 60 countries around the world.State its consultants truly enormous: they have about three and a half million, and, as we understand, this is not the end.If this scale is hard to imagine with what scale will be the loyalty program "Oriflame-1-2015", as always, the company will surprise its clients.

nice that development is not only in the territorial direction.The company is also rapidly expanding its own product range, filling it with such new and necessary products for health and beauty.From the last large-scale innovations worth noting the launch of a line of products for healthy nutrition Wellness.The line of women have tried in many countries, and note that all the products in its excellent quality.Many of them will include the loyalty program "Oriflame".

As a pioneer

Company "Oriflame" often had to become an innovator, and that in Russia it came one of the first.Go to the post-Soviet space business with fully foreign capital was risky.But "Oriflame" understand that their products need Russian women.And it has paid off, in those years, cosmetics for care of this quality was something incredible for the residents of Russia.

Of course, the company's products was seen to "cheers" promonabory bought up instantly, despite the cost.Within a few years, "Oriflame" begins to run direct selling in our country.Once again, innovation and a resounding success.Around the same time, it launched the first loyalty program "Oriflame-Russia" has since become a tradition.All efforts will pay off the company, sales increased every year exponentially.This is indicative of one thing: the quality is appreciated and loved cosmetics "Oriflame".

Like "Oriflame" is able to surprise

In a crisis, "Oriflame" always increases the number of customers.The trend is quite strange, but it is possible to find an explanation.People are starting to save, but care is still willing to spend.This increases their expectations, cosmetics should be of high quality.The crisis - not the time to throw money, here and select "Oriflame", which is definitely not let you down.

For many it is the first professional cosmetics, known since student days.Loyalty program "Oriflame-2015" will help you remember all of hit products of the brand, and get them for free.As always, a lot of pleasant surprises and products as a bonus.As a result, it is possible to try even expensive funds that previously would have had to save.

"Oriflame" really knows how to guess the desire and surprise.Join us, collect points and receive your favorite tools for free or for a nominal fee.Loyalty program "Oriflame-2015" has already started, so hurry to get involved and give yourself unforgettable moments of this world-famous Swedish brand.