How to choose a pet for your child?

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your child asks to buy him a pet, but you do not want to take on the challenges, burdens and worries associated with the maintenance of a dog or cat?Are you afraid of allergies in a child or other family members in these four-legged and try to offer the child the other animals - "quieter, smaller, easier to keep them?"

not rush to make a choice - is not a fact that the hamster or turtle are more suited to your child and yourself.

Thus, we consider the problem of the content of other wildlife as pets for your children.

pets for children - an alternative to the cats and dogs:

1. Little fluffy and cute hamsters too often, like cats and dogs, cause allergies.Buy them by hand - hence, the risk to buy a set of different animal diseases, including infectious and.

Despite its size and appearance, which are considered harmless hamsters often painful bite, but is this little animal to escape from the cell, it immediately begins to hide in the corners, to chew everything in their path and in general to arrange a mess, and it is not easy to catch him.

In addition, hamsters do not differ love to clean, a little live - only 2-3 years, and the inevitable death of pet can cause psychological trauma to the child not yet grown up.A small size of hamsters are often the cause of serious injuries that may cause the baby animals.

2. Guinea pigs , of course, bigger and stronger than hamsters, they are usually more tame and affectionate, but are known for poor health - colds and infections often lead to their death.

However, they require more care - at least twice a week is necessary to wash the cage and change the bedding, toilet, once every few months (at least every six months) to clean the whole house.Guinea pigs need a lot of living space - this means large cells.

3. Rumors about an exceptional good nature rabbits greatly exaggerated - these cute furry animals are able to really hurt scratching, kicking and biting.In addition, you do not necessarily sell rabbit dwarf species - in this case, the pet can grow to the size of a cat.And yet - a lot of rabbits and enjoy bite, and everything - furniture, wires, baseboards and other household objects.

4. It would seem that may be less problematic than the content of the ordinary land tortoise , harmless and not requiring multiple cells or an aquarium?However, turtles are also different different characters, and besides, it is very dependent on the ambient temperature.

This means that turtles can warm quite quickly and actively crawling, stumbling all under his feet, which can lead to personal injury and the turtles themselves.And there is a temperature drop nazhe 22 degrees, turtles strive to hibernate, and for a long time.In addition, these animals are easy to catch a cold in the draft.

5. Popular parrots contain generally quite troublesome.It's pretty noisy birds who scream and mimic sounds they hear at any time convenient for them (but not always - for you) time.Feathers and down parrots can cause allergies, and the list of diseases to which they are exposed is very large - even including psychosis and depression.

Parrots can be painful peck they can not be in the draft, and need a place to fly freely around the apartment.And during the flight this bird may die or suffer - from inadvertently closed door or crashing into a closed window.And open windows lead to the fact that the parrot mzhet simply fly away.

6. In the US, there is a fashion to keep the house ferrets , and in recent years this trend has come and to Russia.However, the ferret - predator with sometimes unpredictable, it bites can be deadly for small children.

Ferrets can also cause allergies and smell more cats and dogs.In addition, these animals tend to steal no less than forty - they carry their "hole" everything, from food - to the things that steal even from bags and pockets.

7. Exotic cold-, such as snakes, frogs, iguanas and other lizards - not suitable pets for children, including and in their psychological characteristics.Furthermore, these animals often require complex or costly maintenance.

8. Aquarium fish - this, of course, well, if the child does not seek personal contact with the students.However, it is necessary to regularly clean the aquarium, fish require careful care, and fish food can cause allergies.

Based on the above, every, most experts advise to have a baby just a puppy or kitten - unless, of course, this is no medical contraindications.