How can I become a writer of articles?

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Today we talk about how to become an author.I strongly disagree with the view that the Internet - a "dumping ground" on which nothing useful.That is called the World Wide Web, most conservative school teachers and university professors.But, let me!It is impossible to rake all under one broom!

interesting and useful!

Internet today - this is not "useless dump" is a real mine of useful information.You just need to be able to search!Here you can in a matter of seconds to get an answer to any question!We flick through what you need it to us get a lot of useful and interesting.

Who wrote it?

At this time we do not even think about the fact that there are people who are constantly on the lookout for us various information (news, stories, encyclopedia, etc.. D.).They gather, systematize, analyze ... And all of this to you and I could get an answer to your question.However, the most important of these people are not so much the editors of articles as their authors!Curiously, the author of the articles can be any one of us, under certain conditions, of which I will tell you later.By the way, do it not only can people with humanitarian, but also with the physical and mathematical mind!It all depends on the person!

it difficult to become a writer of articles?

People who own large network resources, have some staff copywriters (writers, authors).And it is absolutely normal practice, since for the same magazines and newspapers published in print, too, the authors write Article journalists, not their own owners.

In order to become a writer of articles that are published on the internet resources, does not have to be some kind of a professional writer, journalist and philologist.But to think that the author of the articles can be any student, even slightly familiar with the rules of the Russian language, stupid!The mere desire to write articles on the Internet is not enough, my friends!

I want to become an author!What do I need to do?

Before "take up the pen," you have to ourselves to answer some questions.The list I present below.

  • Do you have your own thoughts, ideas and thoughts that you would like to share with potential readers?
  • Are you quite coherently and concisely express your own thoughts?
  • Do you think that all your thoughts, but yourself to someone interesting?
  • Enough correctly you write (to express their thoughts)?
  • Are you typing on a keyboard quickly and, most importantly, without any errors?
  • How well do you have the skills to efficiently and effectively search for information (on the web, in printed sources)?
  • Well you teachable?Are you pretty quickly learning new skills?

friends, if all of these questions you have firmly answered "yes", then you should definitely try their hand at the new, exciting, and most importantly, useful field of the present day - copywriting!Keep in mind that a good and competent editorialist demand anytime, anywhere!Good luck, my young writers!