Grandma - assistant young mother: pros and cons

many young mothers question - whether to resort to the constant help of her grandmother after the baby is born?Or is it better to try to do everything itself, or hire a nanny or au pair?

Let's look at the main pros and cons of her grandmother as a young assistant mother.

grandmother in the house - this is a plus:

1. Young mothers after birth often do not have time to do housework: cooking, cleaning, shopping, laundry and other chores.

Meanwhile, nursing mothers must be well and eat right, and with the advent of baby number of home affairs is increasing (eg, washing and cleaning should be more frequently).Here, especially when my mother did not have the strength or the time to deal with the health of life, help can be invaluable grandmother took over most of the household chores.

2. Grandma can meet the needs of young mothers to communicate - because after giving birth, especially while the child is small, my mother usually left alone all day at home, they feel lonely and tired of the monotonous life, and want someone to share the monitoring of the developmentchild.

3. Tips experienced grandmother, her techniques and secrets of child care and the health of the young mother can be very useful, especially in the early days after birth.

4. Grandma can release my mother for a walk, shopping, visits to the cinema or a restaurant with her husband for an evening out or a visit with friends.Thus, the young woman will be able to unwind and relax, while the grandmother sit with the child, and even feed him in advance expressed milk.Timely holiday will also enable mom quickly recover from childbirth, and not to fall into depression.

5. strengthening ties between the grandmother and the child would benefit both grandmother feels indispensable and will be able to enjoy communicating with the baby, and the child will get more attention and love - not only parents, but also from her grandmother.

grandmother in the house - it is a minus:

1. Many women are embarrassed in front of strangers or relatives to breastfeed, express milk, go easy or casually dressed.This will complicate stay at the house-in-law and mother-even.In addition, some mothers do not want anyone to show the kid the first time after giving birth.

2. After childbirth, many mothers are observed manifestations, if not depression, irritability, increased sensitivity and touchiness.Therefore pstoyannoe presence of grandmothers in the home may interfere with and provoke a quarrel.In addition, two housewives can be difficult to get along together.

3. Tips and constant strong recommendations grandmother child care and education, not only can irritate a young mother, and sometimes are obsolete or do wrong.It can provoke disputes and conflicts at home or even be harmful to the child.

4. Get used to his new role as the young father it takes some time to do that, without the presence of strangers at home.In addition, the constant care and attention grandmother can prevent him from spending enough time with your baby and learn how to care for it.

5. If my grandmother - elderly man with not very good health, help with the housework and child care can not only create problems, but also be dangerous for her and the baby.

6. Permanent assistance grandmother in the early stages after birth pampers young parents and does not allow them to become self-reliant.The more help the grandmother, the harder it will be mom and dad learn to cope with the child himself, life and other things.

And what is your opinion on this?