VAZ-2106 oil pressure sensor replacement, diagnostics

on the classic series, as well as on the VAZ-2106 oil pressure gauge has a more complex structure, rather than the "eight" and later cars.And the thing is that the sensor outputs a signal of different shapes, depending on the pressure.This signal is converted and subsequently fed to the indicator.And here it is already possible to see the exact value of the oil pressure.In later models do not have this, use a simple switch that closes the circuit at the system pressure below the minimum values.

What is the pressure sensor?

on the model VAZ-2106 oil pressure sensor conducts monitoring of the lubrication system.Of course, he does not take any troubleshooting steps, but allows you to inform the driver that the engine is started as something not work properly.The advantage of the control system, installed on six, and on all the classics in general, is that the measurement is carried out on two data.

Firstly, the momentary value is fixed and is shown on the indicator.Second, decreasing the pressure below the minimum threshold, the lamp ignition occurs.However, the indicator is below the driver's eye.Well, that flash of orange can be caught.Dashboard VAZ-2106 includes several tools to diagnose the state of the engine, and they are located mainly on the left of the steering wheel.

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Replace oil pressure switch on the car VAZ 2106

Of the tools you will need to key in the element 19. Located directly on the engine block, it is hard to miss - a sufficiently large cylinder, which is a wire.It is situated closer to the gearbox, the driver's side.Also you any key tool for the replacement is not required.

First disconnect the wire that is connected to the sensor.Only after this you can unscrew the casing with a key 19, which was mentioned above.Wriggle become unusable, putting in its place a new one, that's all the work that really takes two minutes or even less.But there are already small feature, which will be discussed a little later.

sensor turn on the lamp

Take a look at the dashboard VAZ-2106, you will see the light in which there is an arrow and control lamp.It signals that the pressure in the lubrication system has dropped to a critical value.And it operates this light from a separate reading device which is disposed in close proximity to the pressure sensor.If the lamp is not lit, the reader must be replaced.

This requires two tools - the head 21 open-end wrench and the same size.The first thing, of course, unplug all cables that may prevent removal.Why do you need two keys?One you keep the metal adapter so it does not rotate.A second turning away the enclosure.In reverse order mount a new one.This is over and the work, the replacement of the oil pressure sensor is successful.

Late model cars

It has been said that in the VAZ-2106 oil pressure sensor allows for greater control.Since the first "Samar" VAZ installs several other structures that can not meet some groups of drivers.It is understood that the driver barely literate, he saw an image of red nipples can not even suspicious.And as to him to control the pressure in the system?

But most tech-savvy motorists, for this reason, need to be aware of everything that happens with the motor.In "Samaria" and "tens", for example, has an elegant attribute - corrector headlight range.And he hydraulic.And to find the car with the engine running equalizer unrealistic and afternoon with fire.But it is a niche, it can easily set pressure indicator.And instead of the standard sensor mounted adapter.Engine oil pressure sensor becomes such as "classics."And paves the simple wiring, which is powered from the ignition and connects all elements of the system.

How can diagnose

unlikely that you will want to go to an expensive engine overhaul.For this reason the need to monitor the operating mode of the engine, in particular for the value of pressure in the lubrication system.If it is insufficient, the oil can not reach the remotest corners.For example, the camshaft and valve lubrication is insufficient.It is possible that the latter may begin to knock, as if crying for help.

Verifying - it is a guarantee that you will not have unpleasant "surprises."To test you need a pressure gauge with a scale up to 10 atmospheres (more than enough).Shoot on VAZ-2106 oil pressure sensor, and instead turn on the pressure gauge.But there are small details, depending on what type of gauge chosen - Electric or dial.With the second easier.Shift into gear, the arrow should be slightly deflected.Two of the atmosphere should be at 2000 revolutions per minute of the crankshaft.However, it is sometimes too much.No matter what engine speed, the pressure should not be more than seven atmospheres.