Grandfather Mazai and Hares: an old story in a new way

There are several possible options for the national adaptation of the well-known stories about his grandfather Nekrasov Maza and hares.

In Russian : Russian man, exhausted by life and nagging wife, quenches his bitter unhappiness.In the woods.With rabbits.They have established a real friendship, rabbits grandfather Mazaya understand perfectly: "Do you respect me?".So when a disaster begins, Mazzei spits on his farm not rich, home and family and rushes to save the most precious - his cronies hares.

the American : The day before the departure of the brave ranger Mazaya retired in the woods begins flooding.As a true American Mazaj rushes to save the most precious thing in his woods, - hares.On the way back to the ranger he realizes that they just society popolzovatsja tomorrow will throw in the trash.Thoughts about this intolerable for Mazaya, and a terrible screeching birds with his paddle is raised and lowered on the long-eared head.Across the boat fly spray of blood and brains hare.Life Mazaya ends in the electric chair.The film received 12 Oscars.

in Indian : Mazai - poor boatman.He has no money, he can not even pay for a license to carry passengers.So it works in the forest and transporting the animals.While he carries them, they sing and dance together.From the boat sways and dances are often inverted.Animals that can not swim, drowned.Today Mazai transporting birds.Together with them, he dances and sings about how the last time an elephant drowned during transportation.And once again dance on the boat flipped.The raging waves Mazai was able to save only one hare.They lie together on the beach, singing and dry.Then it turns out that the hare is the same birthmark on his paw, like Mazaya on foot.Hare sings to smear the great mystery that is actually not the boatman Mazzei and Raja.On this news come running all the animals and people from the surrounding area and begin to sing together and celebrate the new Raja.

In Italian : Sicilian Mazai arrives in Venice and lights up the idea to rob the local bank.For him, this is the first robbery and he needed accomplices.At night, sneaking a gondola to the bank, he meets a group of birds who had escaped from the zoo.Hares are successful accomplices - they are cunning, clever and learned at the zoo gnaw granite and concrete.For their salvation, they agree to take part in a bank robbery.

In Polish : Mazzei meets in the forest birds that get lost.It plants a boat and promises to take them to Moscow, but unlucky in the other direction.When hares understand it, they stoked Mazaya.

in Ukrainian : Mazai - old Cossack - saves from Turkish Ukrainian captive birds.Mazai in embroidery, and his plays Bohdan Stupka.Hares also in embroidered shirts.Russian producers insisted that rabbits chewed the fat - looks a bit unnatural.

Belarusian : A documentary in the best traditions of Soviet propaganda.It tells the story of how President Lukashenko has saved the Belarusian currency - "bunny".The country itself has caused an uproar national patriots, Lukashenko accused is that he drowned, "bunny".

In Japanese : Children's cartoon about how Grandpa Ma Zai scraped together the largest collection of Pokemon.

french : A documentary about how Jacques smeared on his ship "Calypso" collects throughout France rare species of animals (in this case birds), taking them away in the ocean and it unleashes.

in Brazilian : Series.The boat Don Mazai and a lot of wild monkeys.They swim and find out the relationship between them.How it all began, no one remembers - the series is a few years.

Dutch-: The plot of the film is unknown - around the world, he banned the wording causes "for the promotion of drugs and sexual perversions."

In German : Porn.The plot is missing.Bestiality, Old women, necrophilia, and so on. N. The most innocuous film - drug propaganda.

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