Bologna education system

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Since 2003, after Russia's accession to the Bologna agreement, Russia widely and intensively introduced the Bologna education system.In an effort to adjust higher education in Russia under European standards, the Ministry of Education introduces a two-tier system of universities teaching: the first stage - Bachelor, second - Master.The main arguments of the Ministry of Education was that Russian students will gain knowledge of the European level, as well as the introduction of common rules of education will be able to enroll in master's degree and continue their education in the European Union.

This innovation has its pluses and minuses.Bologna education system has many enemies, both among students and among teachers and university rectors.Some of them have suggested that Russia will prepare technicians for the West.But the biggest drawback may be that the Master's in Russia will be paid.According to experts Free magistrates in Russia will not.In Europe, for example, the cost of master degree comes from three to five thousand euros per year.

Russian Student Union believes that denying students the opportunity to receive free training in a master's universities thus violates the Russian Constitution and the federal law "On Higher Graduate Professional Education" and "On education".In Russia, the Bologna education system will lead to what will happen even greater commercialization of higher education, in fact, as some experts, it is veiled transition from free to paid education.

Bologna education system came in 1999, in Bologna, where 29 European countries have decided to bring together the different education system and introduced a two-tier system of higher education, which allows students to post-baccalaureate graduate course not only the main, but also in related specialties and betterto prepare for the professional activity.It was developed criteria for evaluating students' world.This reduces the number of common, opening items, and focus on the acquisition of professional skills.The quality of education is monitored transparent and strictly regulated parameters.

Some opponents believe that the Russian universities will not be able to release in 3-4 years highly skilled specialists without losing the quality of education and to fully comply with the West, the Russian method of education must be completely replaced.For example, we have not taken into account the time spent on independent work at home, and take into account only those academic hours, which were imposed in the audience.

Many experts consider highly unsatisfactory that an undergraduate program of introductory articles is much less than during the specialist training that can lead to gaps in many secondary disciplines.At present, the gap between the school curriculum and high school is very large, and c is the transition to the Bologna system will become even greater.

In Italy, between the school and the university there is an intermediate step - college, without which it is impossible to go to college.It is possible that Russia will follow the same path.It is also planned in parallel with the introduction of the Bologna system to create a buffer classes in schools for the professional training of elementary children.

modern education system in Japan include 5 stages - a kindergarten, primary school, secondary school two levels - the lower and higher - and the university.The higher education system in the same two-stage - bachelor and master.

education system in Japan has one distinctive feature, for example, the groups and classes changes every year, as well as changing and teaching staff.At the end of the year students take exams, so the school year for them - this is only a preparation for it.This also explains the mass visiting numerous private courses, particularly those organized by teachers at home.But the most interesting thing is that with the basics of the profession young Japanese are introduced at school.

Expert opinions about the transition to the new system of education are very different.Who knows what will actually ...