How to make a knife out of a file?

For many knife from a file is something incomprehensible.However, to build such a product with their own hands is possible.You only need to have a file of the appropriate size, the machine with a grinding wheel, a gas stove (oven), a few wooden sticks for handles, sandpaper, stainless steel rivet, and wax.

To make a knife out of a file, you must also be prepared clamp.If you need to cut any of the details, you can use the grinder.The work begins with the preparation of the metal to be processed.That is, the file must first be warmed for 6 hours.Thus it must be cooled slowly.Those areas, which will operate the heat, sprinkle with salt better, which is a kind of indicator of the quality of warm (with good handling it oplavitsya).

Next knife out of a file to be processed grinder.That is necessary to give shape to the existing workpiece.If you attach a handle on the rivets, it should be pre-cut holes for them.Now you can proceed to the next step - hardening metal.It is necessary to take into account several features.If you put it to a file a magnet, but he does not stick, so harvesting has reached the optimum temperature hardening.After reaching its procedure is continued for a few minutes, after which the metal sharply lowered into the water.

So the opener of a file get stronger and stronger.During hardening be very careful, because you work with an open fire.Be sure to wear protective clothing, goggles and gloves.It is also necessary to note that, after hardening need to spend a vacation and stress relief of metal.This procedure is quite simple.You just need to put the workpiece again in the oven and warm it for 2 hours.

Manufacturing knife from a file involves the processing of metal with a grinding wheel and sandpaper.Well, if you have for this purpose a special machine.The surface of this should turn out flat and smooth.Polishing the blade is made to last.Now you are ready to handle the production.To do so, attach two thin wooden bar to the blade and fasten with rivets.The holes in the tree, be sure to miss the mark with wax or resin.Next, you need to handle hamstring for a few hours.

At least homemade knives from a file amenable etched in ferric chloride and polishing a piece of felt.If special tools for metal etching is not, use an ordinary vinegar.After that, the knife again sanded with fine sandpaper and rub the wax to an even gloss.

most recent stroke is sharpening "newfound" knife.This should be done very carefully so on the cutting surface was not chipping.In principle, this entire procedure is the conversion of a file into a neat and nice knife.Good luck!