JSC "Bank Finam": reviews of credit offers

Consider what is JSC "Bank Finam", reviews of his work and the supply of credit.

Bank started its activities in 1994.Then he called the Bank "Megawatt-Bank" and served only to companies from the energy sector.

today are all the traditional services for customer service.Due to the fact that in 2004 he joined the investment holding "Finam", has been significantly expanded the list of proposed "pleasing".

bank "Finam" - is a company that keeps up with modern technology.For the convenience of customers receive a comprehensive set of remote management of the funds.You can use the "Internet Bank" and "Mobile Banking".

in 2006 opened a new option.Clients of the bank foreign exchange market has become available "Forex".Everyone can try yourself as a trader, trading currency pairs.This is a convenient and reliable product the bank "Finam".Reviews of his work mostly positive.

since 2007 was launched collateral lending.Acceptable collateral includes securities or real estate.Mortgage loans - one of the most popular offerings of the bank.

consider the credit system of the bank "Finam", reviews and features about it.

credit card "just money."It is designed for those who choose the easy way of getting money.Its maximum limit - 100 thousand rubles, there is a possibility of renewal.Annual interest rate - 17%.Service fee - 280 rubles.When withdrawing cash withdrawn from an additional 3.5%.Monthly payment - at least 10% of the debt.

Credit Card "Classic."The maximum limit up to 300 thousand rubles.Commission for cash withdrawal at least 1.5%.Per serving - 480 rubles.Any delay in repayment of the loan without interest (the term of 55 days).Annual interest rate - 22%.Minimum payment - 5% of the debt.

Both tariffs provided the opportunity for obtaining the absence of the card.If your application is reviewed, and has already been approved, then this card you get the same day.

Credit cards with tariff "investment."These cards are designed for customers who trade on the stock market.They give an opportunity to increase the credit "leverage".The annual rate of 17.5%.The maximum limit of up to 50 million. Rubles.As

issued credit card bank "Finam"?Reviews say that everything happens quickly, without complications.

on the Bank fill out an application.The next time you have received messages by SMS or e-mail.There will be approved or rejected.

the same day, you will be given a call by employees of the bank.With them, you need to decide what kind of card you prefer to receive.

If you need money urgently, then choose the lack of a card.Otherwise, order card with your name.

When the card is received, it can be activated by using the "My Account" in the "Internet Bank".You can call the contact center bank.Be prepared to answer the test questions.

Bank employees «Finam» reviews written on the discussion forums carefully considered.None of the views of clients are not left unanswered.

If there was a conflict situation is the fault of the employees of the institution, make sure you are taking all the necessary measures.And at the forum presented a detailed response on this issue.