Gypsy fortune-telling on the bones

It guessing you answer ten questions.All of them are under their numbers.Throw two dice, ask your question and look for answers in the list of his combination of numbers - 2iZ, 4i4 ... have the answers you need the same number as that of the given issue.For example, question number 2, the answers will be under the same number.


1. Do I soon appoint a date that who I think?
2. What do I need (a) to do to please my loved one?
3. How many fans (fans), I will have?
4. How many times did I get married (married)?
5. What will my husband (a)?
6. What does he (she) thinks of me?
7. Does he love (it) me?
8. How soon will I get married (married)?
9. I Will get married (married) of the one of whom think?
10. Which of the two should I choose?

answers and numbers

1 1

1. Tomorrow morning.
2. What would you do, do it gracefully and always treat him with respect.
3. At least a dozen!
4. One.
5. Young, slender, fair-faced.
6. What you are special people.
7. Yes, but can not say.

8. After a week.
9. No.
10. Togo, who have a long nose.

1 and 2

1. It is much more than it seems.
2. Always dress well.Never uncover arms only if it is absolutely necessary.
3. The same number of fans as you will have spouses.
4. Double.
5. plump and round, with a very gentle nature.
6. What do you stole his heart.
7. It is your - heart and soul.
8. During the two years.
9. If you really want it.
10. Over the dark-haired.

2 and 2

1. Do not you always surrounded by fans?
2. Treat it openly and honestly.
3. Five.
4. Once, a very jealous man.
5. A loving and gentle.
6. What you are very cruel.
7. Is not seen his face?
8. After six weeks.
9. Yes.
10. One who is always looking at you with keen expression.

1N 3

1. Yes, but be careful.The following is a fraud.
2. Exercise a little more kindness for others.
3. Only one.But he will admire you more than all the others put together.
4. Once.
5. It will be easy, but your eyes are very beautiful.
6. What would be dangerous to trust you.
7. Have you not noticed that he was blushing with embarrassment when he looks at you?
8. Never.
9. Yes, and for others too.
10. With long hair.

1 and 4

1. This will happen when you finish worry about it.
2. Show that you value his friendship.
3. Four;possibly five.
4. Once, but it will be a joy to your life.His name begins with the letter "D" or "F".
5. Very tall and fair-faced.He wears glasses, and is very friendly to everyone.
6. That he can never understand any of your actions, not your words.
7. You can find out when you pass him a drink.
8. In the course of the year.
9. It is very doubtful.
10. The one who first stretch out your hand to touch you.

2 and 3

1. If you apply to a specific person with a little more attention, he would be happy to do it.
2. Do not pay so much attention to others.
3. A lot, but most of them you find boring.
4. Once, a very unromantic man whose name begins with the letter "B".
5. Very tall and swarthy, quarrelsome and jealous, but you will be treated well.
6. What would be very dangerous to see you often.
7. The heart and soul.
8. After five months.
9. Yes.
10. Togo, who have large hands.

1 and 5

1. You will have wrinkles before it happens to you.
2. Try to be more relaxed.
3. At least seven.
4. One time, for you dear, good and nice person.
5. The friendly and cheerful, romantic warehouse but slightly hesitant.
6. What do you - the lodestar of his life.
7. Just like a brother.
8. During the four years.
9. You know that's impossible.
10. One who often blushes.

2 and 4

1. Yes, but it does not lead to anything serious.
2. Do not be overly affectionate.
3. Two - one brunette, the other - the blonde.
4. More than once, but no marriage will be successful.
5. Short, smug and conceited.
6. What are you close to perfection as possible.
7. Yes, but he also likes to many others.
8. After schestlet, not before, no matter how you try.
9. Yes, if you can win his heart in two weeks.
10. Over modestly.

3 and 3

1. Yes, and not one.
2. Work on your hair.
3. One older man, whom you do not love.
4. Double.
5. A man with a strong character, a noble, energetic, humorous.
6. What do you have broken a lot of hearts.
7. He will be your faithful friend, but it is - everything.
8. Very soon.
9. If you can truly love it.
10. Less pretentious.

1 and 6

1. Congratulate yourself if this does not happen, since all the current proposals do not deserve attention.
2. Do not be sentimental, do not talk so much and try to get in your words and deeds had more common sense.
3. They will have about twenty five of which are already in love with you.
4. Three times.
5. The big man, in love with himself.
6. What would you like to bring him to despair.
7. His heart belongs to you for a long time.He will be faithful to you.
8. No sooner than you love a certain person more gently than they are now.
9. Yes, if he is no longer engaged.
10. Togo, who have big ears.

2 and 5

1. Yes, but it will not bring you happiness.
2. Just enjoy life, relax and be herself.
3. Two.The name of one of them begins with the letter "L".
4. Just once.
5. Young and handsome, with rosy cheeks.
6. What are you - a liar.
7. From the moment you first met.
8. During the two years.
9. Yes, if you want this not for the sake of self-interest.
10. Togo, who have a big mouth.

3 and 4

1. Soon you will have no end of offers.
2. Take a good tan.
3. Many, but only some of them will appeal to you.
4. If you accept all the proposals, it would be at least twenty-five times!
5. Long and skinny as a rail.
6. «You do not deserve my love."
7. Yes, but I think you do not reciprocate.
8. In the course of the year.
9. If you are less flirting with others, he would have showed a lot more interest to you.
10. One who agrees with you in the views.

2 and 6

1. Yes, a modest-looking man with a good sense of humor.
2. Pay more attention to your love.
3. About a dozen.
4. Once or maybe even never.
5. general favorite, especially the opposite sex.
6. What you do not like it.
7. With great passion.
8. After a year or two.
9. No, so do not expect it.
10. The one who will present you a gift.

3 and 5

1. There will be a single proposal that would merit attention.
2. Do not eat with gusto.
3. The two, both beautiful.
4. One time, and it would be superfluous.
5. Player and a drunkard.
6. «It caused me so much pain that I can not forgive her for that."
7. As soon as he can, but you it may seem insufficient.
8. Within three years.
9. In fact, you do not want this.
10. Someone who is polite and have good manners.

4 and 4

1. The first person you will meet tomorrow.
2. Do not argue with him too much.
3. One.Slow, fair-haired man with a big mouth.
4. As many times as you already had lovers.
5. Attractive, in the prime of life.
6. What do you funny.
7. Yes, and hopes that the feeling is mutual.
8. After three or four years.
9. If not, this will not be your fault.
10. With soft eyes.

3 and 6

1. Yes, sailor.But the sailor - a rich heir.
2. Do what you are asked.
3. Three: one rich and the poor are two.
4. One time, a man who is completely under your heel.
5. Dull, sluggish people.
6. What you are very attractive, and if you reciprocate, he might fall in love with you.
7. You are his first and only love.
8. Within five years.
9. Yes, and you'll live happily ever after.
10. First, who recognized you in love.

4 and 5

1. For a long time there.
2. Be gentle and patient, do not contradict.
3. A tall, slender, handsome man with dark eyes.
4. One time, for this tyrant.
5. congenial, but prone to overeating.
6. What are you still quite childish in many respects.
7. You can not imagine how much.
8. Within six years.
9. If not for his worst enemy.
10. One who will stumble, being close to you.

4 and 6

1. Why do you ask?He's already on his knees in front of you!
2. Try not to turn everything into a joke.Some things must be taken seriously.
3. At least three.
4. Once - for low, the other - the high and the third - a man of medium height.
5. short and with a big nose.
6. You always seemed to him an angel, but now it seems that you have a bit of the devil.
7. Without you, it would have been grim.
8. Do not earlier than seven years.
9. Yes, but you will not be as happy as thought possible.
10. Fuller.

5 and 5

1. Someone desperately wants it and expects it.
2. Whatever you do, you will not be able to do enough.
3. Three, the name of one of them begins with the letter "B".
4. One time, for someone whom you know and whose name starts with "D".
5. Very funny man, a prankster and wit.
6. «If only I knew what to do to achieve its location."
7. Secretly, but I can never say it out loud.
8. This year.
9. No, because he would never marry.
10. most cheerful and fun-loving.

6 and 5

1. Someone whom you will meet within the next three days.
2. Anything you want, because nothing can really surprise and please him.
3. Two: one of them - your distant relative.
4. One time, a man who is now considered the most questionable candidate.
5. worthless person who does not bring you nothing but trouble.
€.What are you - a riddle.
7. sincerely and faithfully.
8. Until next winter.
9. Of course!
10. Togo, who snub nose.

6 and 6

1. The elderly man.
2. Make it clear to your love that you reciprocate.
3. Many, but none serious.
4. A lot of times, but it is better if any.
5. Beautiful and brilliant.You're made for each other.
6. What are you overly sentimental.
7. Just as you love it.
8. When the cancer whistle!
9. Spare no effort - in the end he will be forced to capitulate.
10. He whom you met by chance.

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