How to apply foundation on your face?

Tone cream - one of the basic cosmetics.Now the woman is difficult to do without makeup.The tool gives the skin a healthy color, perfectly masks acne, freckles, dilated blood vessels and pores, age spots.It is therefore important not only correctly pick it up, but also know how to apply the tonal foundation.Well-chosen cream - guarantee flawless skin and persistent confidence.


Before you apply foundation perfectly, the face should be clean and moisturize.To cleanse better to use gel or tonic, and is suitable for moisturizing your favorite cream.Following these simple preparations tone lies very smoothly.After 10-15 minutes, you are ready to spray foundation.It is preferable to do it with a sponge, not your hands.

How to apply foundation on your face?

means should be applied in small dots in different parts of the face.The points should contain only the necessary amount of cream, otherwise it will dry quickly.The tone should be applied neat movements, trying to shade it over the entire surface of the face.Professionals distribute the cream from the center of the face to the edges.Can not touch the roots of the hair, the cream should be well shaded on the eyebrows, the wings of the nose, the corners of the mouth, eyes, and on the whole boundary of the face.


border of hair and skin - a special stage of how to apply foundation on your face.On this site means quality shade is particularly important.If this is not done, the tone will be the basis of clearly visible, but it's still no one adds beauty.Removing the "visible" border between the skin, covered with cream and has a clean, give naturalness, which is very important for high-quality makeup.If necessary, the tone is applied on the exposed areas of the neck, chest area.


Knowing how to apply foundation on your face, it is important to bear in mind the "consolidation" of makeup.By this stage, you can continue after 5-10 minutes.Loose powder coated surface of the skin and sprinkle it with mineral water from the spray - water droplets consolidate makeup and give a feeling of freshness.

Piggy secrets Masters

  • If you want to give your skin a fresh shade of the person acquiring the foundation to tone lighter than your natural.
  • Sponge should be cleaned at least once a week with warm water and soap.Brush for applying the cream should be kept in the same span.
  • tone is applied from the top down, thus achieving perfect flatness.
  • foundation should be kept in the dark, then it longer maintain its quality.
  • applying make-up is very important to wash at night.Otherwise cream necessarily deprive scores pores and skin to breathe.Then the appearance of acne, dry and yellowish skin is inevitable.

find the right shade and knowing how to apply foundation on your face, you are sure will find excellent appearance and with it the confidence.Be impeccable!