Star secrets: Diet Kim Kardashian

33-year-old socialite and reality TV star Kim Kardashian last year gave birth to a daughter, too, and quickly regained his form.While many accuse Kim that she enlists the aid of a plastic surgeon herself socialite argues that helped her lose weight gym and diet.

What is the secret of her weight loss effectively and efficiently?Today you will be introduced to the diet on which sat the American star.

Diet Kim Kardashian: General principles

Socialite aware that it will now have to feed the baby, so she could not afford to exhausting physical exercise or dieting hard, causing injury.She consulted with several specialists, after which she was appointed as the Atkins diet, which will be discussed later.

basic principles of its diet the following:

- Eating large amounts of lean protein and healthy fats.

- Be sure to use fresh fruit in the morning.

- It is recommended to eat vegetables.

Kardashian did not forget about eating nuts, avocado and cheese.

diet can include seafood, meat, fish, mushrooms.However, all this must be limited.

Efficiency Atkins diet

Today many say that with this diet a person is able to dump up to 10 kg in two weeks.It is noteworthy that Kim Kardashian lost weight about 15 kg a couple of months.We see that the results, though not meet the promises, yet phenomenal.In addition, the actress continues to drop extra weight using this diet.

Dr. Atkins was an effective system of power, which helps burn excess fat in the body.Diet involves:

- abstinence from drugs during the first two weeks;

- eating fish, poultry, seafood, vegetables, cheese, eggs, fresh mushrooms;

- a complete ban on the use of alcohol, sugar, artificial fats and bakery products;

- limited use of the following products: peas, onions, tomatoes, and fruit.

This diet is highly effective, which allows a person to lose weight slowly but surely.The undoubted advantage of the diet is to bring back to normal diet and metabolism in humans.

If you do not trust Dr. Atkins, it is worth paying attention to the obvious example of the popular Kim Kardashian, which every day becomes slimmer and slimmer.However, before you try any diet, you should consult with your doctor.

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