Amphetamine: Implications

Amphetamine - a drug that is very dangerous.The consequences of it may be irreversible.There are many people who continue to use it, despite the danger to pay for it with his life.Among young people it spreads very quickly.To stop this spread, in most cases it is very difficult.

Amphetamine, the consequences of which will be discussed here, is a powerful stimulant of the central nervous system.By pharmacological properties it is very similar to adrenaline and noradrenaline even.Its mode of action - exciting.The effects of it are different, but mostly it comes down to the fact that people no longer feel the fatigue, a feeling of lightness, of detachment from what is happening, the activity increases.Such a feeling of cheerfulness can last long enough.As a general rule, who took amphetamine did not feel the need for rest and food.
All this is due to effects on the CNS of hormones such as dopamine and noradrenaline.Through noradrenaline mediated peripheral effect of amphetamine.It leads to an increase in blood pressure.The result is a stimulation of adrenaline receptors of the heart muscle, as well as adrenaline receptors vascular muscle.

Base amphetamine - which has no color volatile liquid.He is able to absorb oxygen from carbon dioxide, as well as move into carbonate salt.Salt - the main and most common form of amphetamine.Its salts are white crystalline powder.It is easily soluble in liquid.The air decay occurs.

Amphetamine: action

As mentioned above, it is a stimulant of the central nervous system.This stimulation is to reduce the fatigue, uplift your mood, ability to concentrate the mind, thinking and so on.This increases the blood pressure.The blood in the body begins to be pumped faster and faster.

The above-mentioned makes this drug is particularly popular among young people.Discos, clubs and other places - these are the places where it is used.Take amphetamine need to move, to produce energy out.However, after some time, he may fall into deep meditation and focus all attention on themselves.

Amphetamine: Implications

large dose of the drug could easily cause a seizure.Most often it is associated with seizures.It begins with an attack that a person starts to make involuntary movements or loses control.

After amphetamine action is over, will the depression and pain throughout the body.The pain is mostly caused by the fact that too many people moving, absolutely not thinking about the rest.Generally, this kind of effect in each case may be different.

tired not only the body but also the nervous system.There is a need not only to rest, but also in food.The reason is that the stimulator activated and drained reserves of the body - they must be restored.

Amphetamine, the implications of which can be dangerous, takes a lot of effort.Prolonged use of the substance leads to severe depletion.This again is not only the physical but also the mental level.A person becomes weak and irritable.Mental activity is reduced.The efficiency drops.Over time, the heart and the liver deteriorates.Long-term use can cause a heart attack.The body begins to actively accepting amphetamine consume calcium.The result is a deterioration of the bones, loss of teeth.

Amphetamine, the consequences of which we have considered, is extremely dangerous.Getting used to it there is very strong.A lot of deaths.Try as much as possible to protect the substance of themselves and their families.