Responsibilities and instructions to be performed by Category Manager

Category Manager is an expert in charge of the management and implementation of commodity policy, consistent with the objectives of the company.On the job site, which he owns, a manager can dispose of, manage and monitor the distribution of goods.To increase the profitability of the unit, which has no demand, should also Category Manager.His duties in this case - the use of any convincing measures (from the campaign to the shares and the bonus system).

This profession is bordered with many sectors of the economy - from marketing to logistics (in the broadest sense of).Category Manager should combine the duties and marketer and merchandiser, which determines its functionality in the mechanism of the enterprise.

also skilled in the art is the main face of forming the range of point of sale.To choose the desired product, was among the large number of producers required to develop and maintain profitable pricing obliged Category Manager.Duties require him of having resourcefulness, ingenuity, creativity - qualities initially present in thinking.Perform administrative functions implies the presence of a specialist in-depth knowledge and practical skills in the trading business.

consider what responsibilities, tasks, rights and responsibilities of the job description includes a category manager.Omit the general provisions, which deal with the conditions of employment and the place of the employee in the structure of the enterprise.


1. Organization of the supply of goods without interruption.

2. Achieving the planned turnover and profit.


1. Preparation of the assortment matrix.

2. Implementation of sourcing, contracting with them and control obligations.

3. Formation of orders based on sales reports.

4. Control over the timely delivery of the goods.

5. Providing a full range of retail outlets.

6. Determination of the minimum and maximum residues.

7. Control of the merchandise at the point of sale.

8. Introduction to audit and making proposals to eliminate surpluses, shortages, regrading.

9. Control of the conformity of goods to the current state standards and specifications.

10. Giving employees a warehouse and logistics information on the rules of transportation and storage (if necessary).

11. Formation and coordination of the value of margins, the statement of changes in retail prices.

12. Control over the execution of the functions reporting to specialists.

13. Participation in the planning of turnover and profit.

14. Analysis of demand.

15. The study of the activities of competitors.

16. Analysis of sales.

17. Reporting in time and in the required form.

18. Execution of orders management.

Then the points will look at what is the right category manager.

1. Making decisions without passing the limits of their competence.

2. Introduction to management decisions relating to its activities.

3. Submission of proposals on improving the efficiency of trade.

4. Request information from experts and the documents necessary for the job.

Finally, consider the points which indicate is responsible for what category manager.

1. Ignoring the obligations stipulated position.

2. Damage, estimated material.

3. Disclosure of commercial information relating to the company-employer.

Job Description category manager states that violation of any of the items may result in disciplinary action or dismissal.