How to make infinite ammo in CS GO and where to use them?

holders in computer games - it is a very big problem, as almost always in short supply.So you have to think about when and how much to spend and where did find some more ammunition.This is especially frustrating in games such as CS GO, because there you have all the bullets fly on their own, spending on it the money earned.Of course, everyone would like to have an unlimited supply of ammunition to never think that they can come to an end.Almost every gamer thought about how to make infinite ammo in CS GO.It is possible, but there are some very important points that you should not ever forget.You will learn about them in this article.

Activate cheat commands

It's no secret that there is a CS GO console, which you can enter commands.It may be those that change control, added certain functions, and so on.However, note that there is also such commands, which are prohibited on all servers because they are cheating.And if you are interested in how to make infinite ammo in CS GO, then you should refer it to them.But how?First of all you need to activate the input cheats - without your commands just will not be seen playing.To activate it, you need to enter the console command sv_cheats, for which must be set to 1. Then you can enter absolutely any team, including cheat.If you set the value to 0, you disable this feature.Well, the first step has been taken, but now you have to learn the main thing - how to make infinite ammo in CS GO.

Infinite ammo

If you want to learn how to make infinite ammo in CS GO, you will need to familiarize themselves with another team that looks like this - sv_Infinite_ammo.As in the previous case, you need to set this command to 1 to activate, 0 - to disable.If the value is 1, when shooting any weapon you will not be taken away cartridges, so you'll be able to fire at the enemies for as long as you want.This is very useful, as it opens up many new possibilities - Here's a great team.Infinite Ammo CS GO - is a good option for training.

Training with infinite ammo

As you well know, you in any case can not be used in CS GO codes.Infinite Ammo - ideal for training because you can hone accuracy, ambushes, direct combat and other options, without thinking about the different aspects, among them the number of cartridges in your cage.Thus, you can download offline bots, activate at infinite ammo and hone your skills before you move to online.However, in any case, you can not transfer this cheat online.Why is that?Now you know it.

ban for cheats

Cheats - a team, a player activating certain abilities that put it above other gamers.Accordingly, he gets the advantage completely unfair, and CS GO - this competitive game.And if you use cheats, then you very quickly banned.To get started you will so-called "red plate" which will prohibit you from playing CS GO for some time.But if you continue to use the cheats, you can get a VAC-ban, and it is much more serious thing.It is given for life, and thus you can not use you purchased the game - it will be locked permanently.You have to start a new account and re-buy the game again to join the process.So use cheats unlimited ammo and so on only in offline mode with bots, and with gamers play nice.