The right makeup for a photo 10 important tips

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we look in the mirror, and it seems to us that the make-up perfect.But the flash of the camera - and what we see on the screen or have finished photos, plunges into horror.Why is that?Is it me?You-You.And it happened because the cast is necessary to make up for the photo on the rules.After all, good luck loves prepared, and the camera - well made-up.

So how to paint pictures for the right?

1. Use the matte colors.No on pallets or in the tube should not be a hint of glitter or sequins.All that reflects the light and makes the skin oily - not life in pictures.

2. Apply make-up for a photo with natural light. If you do it with artificial light, very easy to overdo it with makeup.Permissible to make up in this world, in which will be photographed.But natural light - the best option for all occasions.

3. Use a powder with a slight yellowish tinge. other things being equal, it will look more advantageous than alabaster.And there is no hint of shimmering particles!

4. Properly feathered concealer under the eyes.

In everyday life, to hide dark circles under the eyes, we put a little concealer and 10 seconds of his feathered.Such an approach is completely unacceptable in the make-up for a photo!Circles you want to hide completely, but the border is very, very carefully shade.Take your time, everything must be done perfectly!

5. Use black eyeliner and black mascara. Even in normal life you used to enjoy brown tones, while make-up for photo better go to black.If you are fair-haired blonde, choose eyeliner and mascara darker than usual.So you will emphasize the look and make it more profound.

6. Do not forget the blush. Even if in real life you do not use blush, you will have to buy them for a photo shoot.The fact is that without a blush face looks tired and faded.But you should not overdo it.Put quite a bit of blush, and only if that is not enough, add a little bit more.

7. Road lipstick! If you do not use lipstick at all, the lips merge with the rest of the face.Appropriate shade of lipstick will help to select them.So do not delay the tube to the back of beauticians, if beautiful for photography, he will need.

8. There are no dark areas! It would be desirable to bring lower eyelids dark shadows, stop!The face should be no dark areas.Even the shadow of light, and she banned.And posing for the photographer, make sure to put the person in relation to the lighting so that there are no shadows.

9. contouring - yes! If you know how contoured face highlighter, you can do it.Usually little more than dark tones applied to the area under the cheekbones, under the chin, in the area of ​​the wings of the nose and on the outer corners of the forehead.A light shades applied to the cheeks, forehead and nose center.Only if you are with the reception of the case did not have to apply it is not necessary.Yet makeup for a photo - is not the time for experiments.

10. White whites of the eyes. Buy in a drugstore special drops such as "natural tear" that will help restore their normal proteins.Nothing spoils the picture, the red streaks in the whites.And to my eyes seemed wider to complete make-up for photo can be white shades, marked on the inner corners of the eyes.

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