Drug prevention

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How to deal with drug addiction?This question is interested in modern society, as the distribution and use of drugs - a problem of global proportions that affects dozens of large, economically developed countries.Unfortunately, every year of drug addicts is becoming more and more.Today there are more than 20 kinds of drugs, most of which is banned in Russia and other countries.

How to get rid of addiction, it is very difficult to say.Despite the ban on distribution of drugs, on criminal liability for trafficking in these substances, the number of drug addicts is increasing in an arithmetic progression.About 30 million people worldwide use drugs, most of which - people aged 15-20 years.The fight against this phenomenon is needed, and drug prevention should begin in childhood.

School - a place where they should take place: preventive work to combat drug addiction, healthy lifestyle campaign, creation of normal psychological conditions.To work with difficult teenagers who are at risk should be involved psychologists, social workers.

drug prevention in schools must have an individual focus, becauseEvery teenager has a personality, experiences, problems, interests and opinions.Teachers, with extensive experience in working with children, should clarify the causes of addiction, talk about the symptoms of the disease, about the possible consequences that occur after the use of psychotropic substances.You can not bypass the party and the types of drugs that are most prevalent in the underground business.It is best if the child learns about this from the mouth of a professional teacher or psychologist than immediately try to "taste" of ecstasy or LSD.

Drug prevention should have a clear pedagogical concept.Firstly, the need to obtain primary data on adolescents to drugs.This will allow the group to differentiate into subgroups prone and prone to substance use.Get the information you can, test with the students.If you get answers like "I would have tried drugs, so as not to stand out among their peers," it is necessary to "sound the alarm" and to take such pupils under special control.

Second, the class teacher must teach my children that they could defend their opinion in the society had their own views on life and not afraid to look like outsiders among friends and peers.This objective will help the children to overcome difficulties in life, conflicts with loved ones, without going to extremes, that is, not using drugs.

Third, every experienced teacher should explore the relationship of children and parents, the level of family income, place of residence of the child, and, of course, the relationships in the classroom, as the problems in these areas, in most cases, are pushing teenagers to eat firstpulmonary Psychotropic Substances, and then harder drugs.

In identifying the problems the teacher is obliged to report them to social workers and psychologists, who will pick up the individual methods of work with the child, his parents hold a conversation in the classroom in the case of conflict, help relieve nervous breakdown.

Drug prevention - the only way to fight against this disease, which has become a worldwide color.To avoid the loss of the younger generation, for whom the future of our country, it is necessary to deal with the causes of addiction, and not with its consequences.After all, to make a person stop using drugs can not be long until he realizes that he is ill.But in most cases, this realization does not occur due to the fact that many addicts do not reach it, due to overdose or acquired fatal diseases.