How to learn to ski ridge course this week?

CrossCountry been in existence for several centuries, and their technique is constantly evolving in different categories.The most common is the classic skating, in which the legs move parallel to each other.However, the most intensive and fastest way is the movement to ski skating move.

specificity of this technique

If you want to understand how to learn to ski ridge course, keep in mind the idea that this is necessary to literally push yourself forward by pressing one foot out on the diagonal.Then, the same is done with the other ski.This method mimics the movement of skating.The heel is free from attachment, which allows the ski to move forward.

In the picture you can see two competitors using two different styles.On the left - a classic course on paved the track, right - skating on the track treated.

importance of choosing the right equipment

In order to understand how to learn to ski skate should solve one important technical question.To start you need to purchase the right equipment.Skis of skating, usually shorter, than the classical and characterized by a lack of specific grooves on the reverse side.Corrugation is intended to hold the athlete from sliding back as well as at the time of transfer of gravity, but of skating skis simply will not function properly with the rifling.However, as with the application of an adhesive wax.In such sliding ski wax is applied to the entire surface so that they slide faster classics.Additionally, their length depends on the weight of the athlete.

Skiing ridge course is an extremely strenuous physical activity.Engage all muscle groups of the body.Ridge course requires the ability to balance on one leg, therefore, easier for those who have a good athletic training or experience skiing.

But what about those who persistently missed winter physical education classes in school and do not learn to identify the difference between classical and ridge move?

Learn!Discard any doubt!

So, how to learn to ski the course of the ridge?Can I do this without a professional trainer, for example, at home?

answer is definitely yes!

need only work out three points:

1. Allocate time for classes.

Enough to devote this New Year's holiday, to understand how to learn to ski ridge progress over the week.

If we consider the usual routine, it is advisable to allocate two times a week, for example, in the evening after work.There is a plus for those who are somewhat shy to train in full view of other skiers.Although it is better to discard all doubt and to concentrate on their sporting achievements.Also, it is logical to take two days off training.

2. Provide yourself with the right ski, the relevant requirements of skating.

Their characteristics have been described above.How to learn to ski skate?To achieve this goal, not necessarily go to the store and just buy expensive equipment.You can use the services of the lease.Or buy equipment, second-hand.When you have mastered the technique, you will feel the taste of the ridge to go and understand their preferences, then it makes sense to go for the shiny new skis.

Make sure that the track on which you are going to do well prepared.This means that it is cleared of snow.When a bad state route results can be achieved for a long time, and therefore the motivation will suffer.It is logical to train the same place where the athletes do it.At the same time, looking at them, you can learn a couple of ideas about how to learn to ski fast.

3. Follow the instructions below.

This article is not intended to be a scientific presentation of the art of riding the ridge course.It offers an easy-to-use and suitable instructions in terms that would be operated on your buddy.

human instruction for beginners

Many people ask how to learn.Skiing ridge swing easy.Before proceeding to the description, it should be noted that during the training is best left to the side poles.Initially, it is important to balance the body in an unusual body movement.And stick here will only interfere.

leaving the hands free, relax your shoulders and you feel that they are beginning to move in such a way to help you to roll forward.In a word, trust body.

then you must choose to exercise an equal platform.You do not need a 5-km trail, pick up the cleared snow from the plane at about half the standard school stadium.It is here that you will fulfill the following motion.

simple diagram that explains the mechanical aspect of skiing ridge swing

The picture placed above, it is clear that both feet simultaneously perform different functions.This is the main focus.At a time when one foot is repelled from the surface (usually more actively involved in this process the internal part of the foot), the second point and uses glides on snow.All your weight, hard lessons for the desktop, we are determined to carry over the limb, which slides.Note that these movements are not executed in parallel and diagonally!

Suppose you move your weight to the left, pushed right leg and slide while on the left.Try to glide as long as possible.For what?In order to have time to relax before the next push his left foot.Initially perform the exercises slowly and smoothly.When properly instructed, then proceed to work on the development of speed.So we pushed left ski, shifting your weight to the right and slide right.Thus, we alternate pushing the left, then the right foot.Reminiscent of skating, is not it?

Note that the leg on which we slide slightly bent at the knee.Imagine that it is a spring, which is placed on your weight.

Practice at home!

If maintaining balance problems, then to better understand how to learn to ski ridge course, at home you can practice alternate standing on one leg.In 12 seconds each to change, just 4 approach.

Also, do not be amiss to observe the competitions professional athletes, such as biathlon, you can even on TV.So much easier to absorb visual information about how it should look, and then to understand what is required of you.

main thing - to believe in yourself and to give the body time to master new moves, and then all must come out.And next year you will have to explain themselves friends how to learn to ski ridge swing.

Good luck!