Plan a summary of the lesson as part of the preparation of teachers to work

vast majority of teachers agree that it is necessary to plan a lesson in advance.This will be well prepared to avoid vague explanations and unnecessary pauses organize all stages of future employment, "digest" the entire volume of the planned work.Even reliance on the long experience of teaching is not effective in practice than this simple rule.

Plan summaries of lessons usually consists of a certain number of points.Each of these series is disclosed as a separate part of the learning process, being supplemented with a short text.The establishment of such a document is an important step in the preparation of the teacher to conduct classes.

How to make a plan, a summary of the lesson?The first thing to do - is to determine the main theme, type of occupation and its objectives.The latter can be divided into several categories: education (acquisition and consolidation of new knowledge), educational (stimulation of thinking, creative imagination, and so forth.), Educational.The next thing to write in the "cap" abstract - it is the task of the lesson.That is, those actions that will help to achieve pre-set objectives educator.You also need to specify the equipment that the teacher will use in the learning process - cards, presentation, video, and more.

Next you need to describe the actual course of the lesson.There will be given all the stages interaction between teacher and students.Start tutorial to communicate with previously learned material in order to consolidate the knowledge.Learning activities should be adequately motivated and configured for the entire class.The largest part of the lesson is given to the study of new information, relevant skills.The next step - feedback from the instructor, learning and consolidation of acquired just knowledge.The last point of the lesson - this conclusion, the findings (can be done in the form of questions to students) and homework.

Here are some general tips on how to make a plan, a summary of the lesson.However, each case is different, as well as any single item.

Plan summaries of lessons in gymnastics will include a description of the physical activity of students, norms and so on. Accordingly, equipment for physical education will not be the same as, for example, in mathematics.

Plan outline of lesson ISO necessarily contain elements of creativity.Usually, it starts with examining and discussing the visibility, then it will be made a smooth transition to practical work.However, there are also common in the training of teachers in a particular subject - it is bound by the availability of Plan-notes.At some stages of the lesson, of course, could change the situation can make their own adjustments.But on the other hand, the activity should not be pure impromptu.

plan all lessons in a particular subject can be purchased in a specialty store.Perhaps this will save a lot of free time teacher.However, it is better to plan, a summary of the lesson the teacher was made independently, albeit with the use of special allowances.In this case, it will be possible to show a little creativity, and better preserved in the memory of all aspects of the work with the students.