The procedure in October: Paraffin bath for hands

Your skin during the cold season feels very uncomfortable.From the feeling of tightness, redness and peeling it instantly relieve Paraffin.

main objective of paraffin - moisturizing and cleansing.The result you will notice immediately after the procedure - the hands will become smooth and velvety.In addition, this effect persists for a long time.Return handles former tenderness, this procedure can, even if you do not start in time to protect them from wind and frost with the help of cosmetics and protective gloves.

What is it?

Paraffin Hand made in several stages.First, clean the skin and cause intense moisturizer, usually a professional cosmetics line.Then hands dipped in melted paraffin to the wrist, removed and re-immersed.After several applications of plastic gloves worn on top of them - gloves made of cloth.Leave application for 20 minutes and removed together with gloves made of polyethylene.The final chord - the application of moisturizer and massage.It should be noted that the wax melts and forms a sticky mass at a sufficiently high temperature +50 ° C.But the characteristic of this material is that it slowly loses heat, gradually warming the skin 1.5-2 degrees without burning it.

How does?

During paraffin expanding capillaries and activates metabolic processes in the connective tissue, the skin regains its function.These applications open pores and is purified, thereby perfectly absorbed cream which saturates the active components of the cell.Under the influence of heat they penetrate the skin, and when the wax cools - the pores are narrowed, and the nutrients of cosmetics are in the deep layers.The cream stimulates the absorption and subsequent massage.

is useful to all!

procedure paraffin hand has no contraindications and even more restrictions on age, in contrast to similar applications to other parts of the body.Experts recommend to resort to this service every two weeks to maintain hand skin in perfect condition.The only condition: you should not do paraffin baths if damaged - wounds or burns on the hands.If those are not available, paraffin bath in a few minutes will make the skin smooth and supple.

when combined with paraffin bath manicure, mind you, that after this procedure, it is better not to cover the nail varnish.

At the end of the session held in paraffin cabin about 15 minutes to avoid sudden temperature changes that negatively affect the skin.

Paraffin is ideal to soften dry cuticles.In addition, this procedure gives a lifting effect and relieves irritation.

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