The most popular in the world of rallying.

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Rally - one of the most popular types of modern racing.It's very entertaining, but because the interests of millions of viewers worldwide.Among the various championships is a special route "Paris-Dakar".This race stands out among the others.What she attracts fans and participants?This will be discussed in this article.

history of the famous automobile marathon

Rally "Paris-Dakar" will be held at the end of 1978.The idea of ​​such a route was a motorcycle racer from France T. Sabin.In 1977, he got lost in the desert in Libya during the race, "the Abidjan-Nice."After a few days of wandering without food or water motorcyclist found nomads who saved him.Despite the mishap, the desert has made an indelible impression on the Sabina, whom he wanted to share with the world.This idea was inspired to create a rider route most popular today rally.Dakar, according to the Thierry Sabine, was to be the end point of the race, and the starting - Paris.

initial rally route passing through North Africa, Algeria, but, due to the difficult political situation and the increasing unrest in the country, for the race have approved another country - Morocco.Sometimes part of the way the participants overcome through Libya.

first race was one of the World Cup.However, the rules of the competition caused many differences, so that it was decided to exclude from the rally world championship overall standings and make it autonomous.

interesting that in a match in the history of its existence was attended not only by professional race car drivers, but many rock stars, famous athletes and representatives of other disciplines (downhill skiers, mountain climbers, sailors, etc.).

Terms rally

To participate in this competition, you must know the rules of the rally.Dakar is the final destination of the route.Start of the race in Paris.The competition lasts for three weeks and covers a distance of about 10 thousand. Km.Riders are allowed to participate, not only on special vehicles for the rally, but also in cars and trucks and motorcycles.For each mode of transport there is a separate set-off.Among the participants are not only professional racers, but also fans, who usually account for about 80% of the total declared.

As mentioned above, the set-off of the World Cup does not include this rally.Dakar is the final city on the way riders, where the winners are determined.To become a champion of the competition, you just need to beat their rivals on the results of this automotive marathon, unlike the World Cup, where the participants receive points for each race, which at the end of the season are summarized.

winners rally

Until the beginning of the XXI century the main record for most wins in the rally "Paris-Dakar" was Stephane Peterhansel, who won the marathon car six times in the ten years of participation in it.

year 2001 was a turning point in the rules of the race, and with respect to the winners.In accordance with the amendments to the rules of the competition, the team could not carry with them technology, which in the case of failure would be able to fix this problem.Any repairs should be carried out by the driver and navigator.In the same year in the rally for the first time a woman won Jutta Kleinschmidt.

Russian trucks have become real triumphant rally "Paris-Dakar"."KAMAZ-master", a great Russian team won the marathon many times.In recent years, it continues to hold the lead and win regularly at major international competitions.

team "KAMAZ-master»

In the history of the rally "Dakar", the Russian team won 13 times in this prestigious marathon.In 2015, the rally, which was held in Bolivia, Argentina and Chile, won the first pilot in the standings Ayrat Mardeev trucks.At the final stage of the race he was able to break away from his pursuers and finally surpassed its closest competitors, by the way, teammates, 14 and 51 minutes respectively (2nd place - Nikolaev, 3rd place - Karginov).

Thus, the Russian pilots have again shown what it takes car "KAMAZ"."Dakar" from year to year in the truck standings submits to him.