Rare money USSR

Rare currency signs of great interest not only to numismatists and collectors, connoisseurs and ordinary things of the past, those who had more than a certain value.Especially popular are coins and bills XVIII - XIX centuries.But in recent years it has become fashionable collection of Soviet money.Rare money USSR are funds that were produced in the Soviet Union from the 20's to the 70's.

rare appearance of money

In the mid 20-ies in the Soviet state developed a plan the introduction of the all-Union money: coins and banknotes.Experts offer a variety of options for design Soviet money, with the aim to display banknotes exclusivity and grandeur of the Soviet Union.

a result of this fruitful work out huge circulation banknotes and coins, which immediately launched a round.Among the many issues encountered currency and test specimens.That they now represent a special value.

Soviet paper money, as a rule, are not valuable and rare.Therefore, interest in them is not large as compared with coins.

Trial money USSR

Trial Soviet banknotes were issued in addition to the officially approved currency.As a rule, the information on these issues is not subject to public.But despite the secrecy, to have survived many such instances.They do not have a special value Paper Soviet rubles.Coins also quite popular among collectors because they were minted much less.

striking example is the famous "polkopeyki", which came into circulation in 1925 and a bronze coin trehkopeechnaya 1924 from them almost immediately abandoned due to low profitability.It embarked on the implementation of coins from non-precious alloys.In the following decades it became very rare quarter 1955.

golden ducat 1925

If you can select from a variety of samples of rare money the most popular and rare coin, then it is certainly the Soviet gold piece, made of pure gold in 1925.Nowadays, we know only five of these coins.Two of them can be seen at the State Museum of Art, and the rest are in the collections of Goznak.

For normal and even the richest collectors and numismatists Soviet gold ducat, unfortunately, is not available.There is information about the exact copy of a copper gold pieces.One such instance was sold in 2008 at auction for 5 million rubles in private collections.After a year at the auction presented another analogue of the Soviet gold pieces, but the sale was not carried out for a number of reasons.It is surprising, but the money the Soviet Union now enjoy a certain demand.

Fifty cents sample 1924

very remarkable and rare is the Soviet coin of 50 cents, which came into circulation in 1924.The party was a big enough issue, and most specimens survived to this day.But this fact does not confuse collectors.The fact that coins were minted unequal, each edition has some differences from the previous one.Version of this coin, there are about twenty.

That's because the price of fifty cents per copy in 1924 varies from 500 rubles to tens of thousands of dollars.The most rare and valuable coin is recognized with edge inscription and plotted symbols Ѳ.R.

Besides these coins, there are other, less valuable money the Soviet Union, in particular those that were minted before the Great Patriotic War.Especially rare silver coins of any denomination, which were issued until 1931.During this period, there was a transition of precious metal to nickel alloys.And all the silver items were withdrawn from circulation, so are of great value to coin collectors.