How to get a pension insurance certificate ?What do I need to obtain a certificate of pension insurance ?

SNILS - an official document in the form of a plastic card in a light green color.A certificate of inclusion in the register of citizens of pension insurance.Pension insurance card is necessary in all areas of life: employment, and the preparation of an employment contract, the contract of a contract for the supply of information about the employer employed in the Pension Fund.It may be necessary at the health center in case of a loan, and other social subsidies. It gives information about taxes, penalties for payment.Pension Fund can also provide a listing of account.To insurance pension certificate is its owner - a citizen of the country.An employer or other authorities are only entitled to make a copy and rewrite the card number.How to get a pension insurance certificate and how to make it easier?On these and other questions we will answer in this article.We also examine what documents are needed to obtain this evidence, and whether to do it abroad.Not ignored and the issue of changing the pension certificate.

How to obtain pension insurance certificate and where to do it faster?

Through the Internet, you can easily and quickly solve the problem of obtaining a pension certificate, simply send the appropriate application online public services.To do this, fill out the registration form and then within a few days you have been notified.The very same license you will be given the pension fund.

How to obtain a certificate of pensions abroad?Is it possible?

insurance pension certificate can be obtained only within the limits and under the law of the country in which you reside.How to get a pension insurance certificate, if you officially live abroad?It is necessary to write a statement to the pension fund of the country in place registration of the citizen.

How to be the loss of evidence?

Change certificate is appropriate when the loss or damage.Exactly one month given the citizen to write a statement and take it to the Pension Fund for the manufacture of a new identity.Citizens who arranged to work in an official may obtain evidence through an employer.They need to apply for a new pension insurance policy, indicate the reasons for his replacement.Citizens without work or do not work under an employment contract with a request to submit an application for a new certificate of insurance to the pension fund.Three weeks later, a duplicate is issued to the owner.Changing the pension insurance certificate is appropriate in that case, if you decide to change your name or last name.Employer or citizen in two weeks is sent to the Pension Fund of the new data.The new insurance card contains the same number.

What foreigners?

Foreign nationals who are on the territory of Russia, and arranged under an employment contract for an indefinite period, or who have signed a fixed-term contract for a period of six months shall be considered insured persons in the public pension registry.By law, the insurance pension certificate shall have every citizen insured, and also a citizen of another state, if the pension certificate has been received by him earlier."Pension insurance certificate, where to get: the place of residence or residence, and which may contain information that document?" - Perhaps you ask.The answer to the first question is simple: a pension certificate to get more comfortable at his residence or previously passed registration on the seat (residence) and ordered him to the Pension Fund.Now let's talk about facts.On the front side of the document indicate the following information about the person who is insured: name, surname, patronymic, date and place of birth, number of personal things (this identification number of the person who provides the STA), a bar code, and gender.On the reverse side is indicated passport number and series, and the order of application of the certificate.Remember that getting a pension insurance certificate is not difficult, it does not provide long queues and numerous trips to the chain of command.Minimum number of documents to be submitted to the fund simplifies the process.

Documents required for a certificate

Next we'll look at some documents for the pension insurance certificate must immediately bring to once again not to run the chain of command.When you register preschoolers parents definitely need to provide:

- the child's birth certificate;

- the passport of one parent of the child or the child's representatives.

When registering from 14 years the age of majority:

- passport;

When registering Adults:

- passport.

Remember that to receive a certificate of insurance pension insurance can be both adults and children.This is a required document for each citizen.Pension certificate, made for a child, can only be issued to his parents or his legal representatives.

Contents insurance certificate and the procedure for registration

registered in the register of pension insurance personal account opened with the assigned insurance number and a certificate is produced.This certificate specifies such data:

- floor citizen;

- surname, name, patronymic;

- the date of registration of the citizen in the pension system;

- number of designated account;

- date and place of his birth, according to the official document.

Pension Fund of the Russian Federation guarantees an individual account number of the citizen and it belongs to a specific person.

personal account contains detailed information:

  • insurance period;
  • accrued listed insurance premiums for the entire working life of the citizen.They take into account in the calculation and recalculation of the labor pension.

insurance system assigns a number automatically.This speeds up and makes a convenient account of pensions.It consists of 11 digits.The first nine digits - is just a room, the last two digits provide the opening and maintenance of accounts in accordance with the law.

labor issues

How to obtain pension insurance certificate?Where to get it fast unemployed citizen, if his employment is missing?The employee may not have insurance certificates for employment.Then it is necessary to conclude an employment contract, and fill out a form of insurance in the Pension Fund.The questionnaire will give to the fund, three weeks will open a personal account and produce an insurance certificate.Ready certificate the employer is required to give the employee, not later than a week.Citizens who do transfer funds to the Pension Fund, give SNILS the Pension Fund at the place of registration as a policyholder.The citizens of that list insurance funds themselves served profile of the insured to the Pension Fund at their place of residence.There, they must be registered.How to get a certificate of pension insurance in the primary treatment?For this, you need the following documents:

  • profile form ADV-1 (must be certified by a citizen personally);
  • passport.

Parents and legal representatives of children can also apply to the fund, taking with them the following documents:

  • profile form ADV-1 (must always be verified by a child's parent or legal representative of the child);
  • passport of one parent;
  • child's birth certificate.

Workers Pension Fund for a day and check the correctness of the particulars in the application form, the documents do computer processing.If no errors are found, the insured person receives a special account number shall be issued specially made insurance card.Citizen sure to inform in case of failure to register.Denial is possible if improperly filling out the questionnaire, non-submission of the required documents and if a citizen has a front room in the general register of pension insurance.

In this article we introduced to the concept of insurance certificates, find out about how you can quickly get a pension insurance certificate, where you can get it: the place of residence or residence.Also familiar with the papers for this document.